One-Year Homework Assignment

God continues to broaden the horizons of MTM as a global discipleship ministry. December 18-22, 2017 MTM conducted a pastoral leadership conference in the desert of Egypt northeast of Cairo. Egypt is the 6th largest Islamic country in the world after Indonesia, India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Nigeria. The work of the Lord to build His kingdom is staggering in Egypt due to the dominance of Islam. Multitudes of times we heard the comments that God’s people need to be delivered from the bondage of fear to boldly proclaim the gospel of Jesus Christ in this largely unreached country.


This MTM Leadership Conference Was Conducted in The Shadows of An Islamic Mosque. 

What a great privilege was ours to encourage these dear believers in the subjects of Biblical Leadership Priorities (Raymond Burkholder) as well as the Christian Home (Val Yoder). We were greatly encouraged by their sincere desire for the truth of God’s Word and to be empowered to Build God’s Kingdom in Egypt and beyond.

This particular MTM conference was hosted by a new contact and coordinator for MTM. Pastor Moody was able to assemble together attendees representing 7 different evangelical churches. Many of them were pastors or evangelists laboring in Egypt for the cause of the gospel unto their own Islamic people.

One young man came to me at the end of the conference and here is what he said. You are my teacher, please give me a homework assignment for one whole year. In all of my teaching & preaching experience…I never heard a request like this before with either MTM or at IGo. How should I respond?

I finally responded to him. Give yourself wholly and completely to the reading and study of the Word of God for “God Always Makes Much of Any Man Who Makes Much of The Word of God”. His response was, Yes, every day I will read three chapters in the Old Testament & One Chapter in the New Testament and in this way, I will easily read through my Bible in one year. This had been my earlier encouragement to him in a practical how to make much of the word of God. Blessed be God for young men who are willing to make the sacrifice and make much of the Word of God. I know God will make much of this young man for His Glory.

Barbara and I were challenged by the culture and history of Egypt as we joined Raymond and Naomi Burkholder for MTM’s 101st leadership conference (since MTM was commenced in August 2008) held in a retreat center east of Cairo.  Fifty-five pastors, wives, and assistants were brought together by Pastor Moody Girgis for a week of teaching in the desert area, not far from the Biblical land of Goshen.  The attendees humbled us by their attentive listening and diligent attempts at taking notes from the sessions on Biblical Leadership and the Christian Home that were translated into Arabic.  It is so encouraging to see the church of Egypt picking up God’s call to go into all their world, which is primarily Islamic, with the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ.  These descendants of people, who interacted harmoniously and violently with Israel in the times of Joseph, Moses, Jeremiah, Jesus’ parents, Mark, the early church, and many others; provided a rich opportunity for fellowship and interaction reaching out to other refugees who are fleeing from persecution.  We have much to learn from these zealous brothers and sisters.

Editor’s Note: The one-year homework assignment article was penned by Raymond Burkholder who serves as director of MTM based in Chiang Mai, Thailand. The testimonial was written by Val Yoder who served as the guest teacher with MTM for the Egypt conference. A very special thank you to all who support this ministry in prayer and financially. Without you MTM would be unable to go and make disciples of all Nations.


Posted on Jan 4th 2018

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