“We Cannot Say Good Bye…”

….said a Nepalese leader in closing… “We Feel MTM Will Come Here Again.”

The assembly of saints in worship and fellowship is such a delightful experience.  Barriers of language and culture largely fade into the background when gladsome hands warmly clasp those of fellow-believers, when their heart-felt expressions of greeting are exchanged, and their mingled voices ascend in exultant praise to our glorious Redeemer.  Variations in worship style, apparel, and expressions of the genuine Christ-like life of the stranger and pilgrim traversing the narrow way, are each encountered with wonder and appreciation for what the Spirit of God is doing in climes and countries around the globe.  This was the experience of the team who journeyed to the Far West of Nepal on December 11, 2017.


270 Pastors, Deacons, Youth leaders, and their wives making a difference in Nepal.

The conference was held from December 12-15 in a remote setting.  A funeral and burial for one of the local pastors diminished the number of attendees the first two days of the gathering, but the final day saw approximately 270 pastors and church leaders assemble in worship and instruction.  Brother Merle Flory and brother Curt Wagoner taught on the two themes of “Servant Leadership” and “Scenes from Acts,” and the team ministered through preaching, singing, and fellowship to the vibrant throng of worshippers.  The reception by the believers in Nepal was overwhelming, and their faith and knowledge was apparently strengthened and increased by the ministry among them.  The glory of the Lord shone round about, and the praise for any significant, Spirit-inspired outcome is His and His alone.

Many opportunities were encountered to not only worship together, but to share the experiences of life in individual prayer, personal interactions, and teaching moments.  These experiences were mutually engaged by those coming from different cultural settings, and those who came to minister became those to whom ministry was given.  Greatly enriching was the encounter as all became learners together, and all became teachers together.

We humbly extol the Lord of glory who, in His own sovereign ways and times, ministers to His chosen as He deems best.  With great anticipation, we await the reunion of saints in eternal glory, where no partings will ever be needed and where the language of the redeemed will be spoken and understood by all.  Oh . . . what must it be to be there!?!

The above article was written by Brother Curt Wagoner, who traveled here from West Alexandria, Ohio, with his wife Janie.  Curt serves as a minister in their home congregation, and has served with MTM 3 times in Nepal.  Thank you, Curt and Janie, for your continued support and blessing to MTM and God’s people everywhere.

015L-R, Brother Sulus, Janelle Hoover, Merle & Judy Flory, Curt and Janie Wagner, Emily Wolf, Paster Ishwar and his family!!

The following reflection was written by Emily Wolf:

There is nothing more precious than sharing in the joy of our Lord Jesus Christ with believers of other cultures in their home setting. Being a guest in Western Nepal was a humbling and honoring experience, we can learn so much from the selfless graciousness poured out by our hosts. I was also honored to serve as a team member with MTM and serving our Nepali brothers and sisters by singing was a very special way to give back. I look forward to meeting them again around the throne where worship will never end.

Sister Emily is training with ABT, and is currently enrolled at God’s Bible School and College in Cincinnati, Ohio. Thank You, Emily, for your contribution and blessing to the MTM team.

 The following reflection was written by Janelle Hoover:

Exuberant faces burst forth heartily in Nepalese: “He has made me glad, He has made me glad, I will rejoice for he has made me glad”. The believers lifted their hands as they circled around the interior of the newly renovated church building, dedicating it to God.
After much celebration, warm welcomes, complete with showering us in applause and adorning us with colorful scarves, our Nepali brothers and sisters listened attentively as the word of God was fed, eagerly feasting on every morsel.
Afterwards, sitting cross legged with the young people, we praised God together singing song after song. Their voices still ring in my ears and I can hear them sing: “I have decided to follow Jesus, No turning back no turning back”.

Sister Janelle traveled to Nepal from Dover, Ohio.  She reconnected with her Nepalese friends and made new ones as well. Thank you, Janelle, for your contribution and blessing to the MTM team.


Posted on Dec 30th 2017

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