“Go ye therefore, and teach all nations (ethnic people groups), baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost:”  Matthew 28:19

The word nations in Greek means ethnic people groups. Jesus’ command is to globally evangelize and teach disciples in all people groups. Statistics would tell us that there are 16,302 different people groups in the world today. 6,649 of those are unreached for the gospel. That is 40.8% of the worlds total population which equates to approximately 1.9 billion people.

MTM believes the most effective way to reach those 1.9 billion unreached people is to disciple a native Christians and mobilize them to reach their own unreached people to Jesus Christ. SE Asia is where a large portion of the worlds unreached people live. They have not rejected Jesus Christ, they simply have not had the opportunity to hear that Jesus Christ alone saves. In our sheltered Christian settings we talk about Jesus Christ’s second coming while approximately one third of the worlds population has never heard of his first coming.

What grips our hearts is that where ever you have the highest concentration of unreached people groups, in close geographical proximity is where Christ’ church is growing in astonishing numbers. We believe God is raising up these native Christians to take the gospel of the Kingdom into all the world and unto all nations. Ultimately the purpose of MTM is to disciple and equip these native Asian Christians unto this very purpose.

It has been said that few people reject the gospel. But rather they reject the package that the gospel comes in. Think about it! When a foreigner comes to another race and culture of people with the gospel, it is packaged in a strange skin color, strange clothing, strange language and accent. He also eats strange food and he presents a message which he calls the gospel. To the unreached man, this man and his message is strange and therefore is often rejected. But when a native man comes with the gospel there is now no package problem. The missionary is one of his own people and culture. Therefore the gospel message has a far greater impact when it is brought by a native, same culture missionary! This is the vision and heartbeat of MTM.

God has granted MTM the blessed privilege & opportunity to get alongside and help these dear native Christians with Biblical teaching and training to equip them to win their own people to Jesus Christ. Our hearts thrill and stagger at the same time at such a precious opportunity and responsibility. The opportunities are many.

To accomplish this purpose we work closely with a native Christian coordinator. The native Christian coordinator brings together the native pastors, teachers, missionaries and Christian workers in their native villages and country. MTM then travels into their host country with a teaching team to host a one week Bible conference. The MTM teachers are conservative Anabaptist teachers from our Mennonite churches in America & Canada as well as IGo staff located in Thailand. MTM Bible conferences are taught through an interpreter. Each native student then translates the all things of Jesus Christ they have learned into their own local & tribal language as a means to be a sanctified vessel Jesus Christ can flow through to bring the gospel to their own unreached people.

Presently MTM has conducted Bible conferences in India (many different states and regions), Myanmar, Bhutan, Indonesia, Malawi (Africa), Egypt, Pakistan and Nepal (many different regions). The the invitations for MTM leadership conferences are abounding. We covet your prayers for wisdom to know which conference requests to accept and which ones that simply need to wait. We also ask you to pray that God would send MTM more full time help to accommodate more conferences. I simply stagger at the opportunity God has set before MTM. That opportunity is to witness Jesus Christ with a faith and practice that obeys the scripture because we love the Lord. Blessed be God !!!

May The Lamb That was Slain Receive A Reward For His Suffering Among The Nations !!!