The year of 2012 is about to close and we are rejoicing in God’s faithfulness to MTM. The year of 2012 has been another tremendous year for this ministry. MTM conducted 13 different leadership conferences in Malawi, Kenya, Egypt, Indonesia, India & Nepal. Some conferences were only one day conferences while others were 5 day conferences. The average attendance has been approximately 89 church leaders per conference. Only heaven will reveal the impact these discipleship conferences have in building God’s kingdom on earth.

MTM sincerely wants to personally Thank each of you who support this ministry. Thank you for your faithful prayer and financial support in this past year. Also, Thank You to the many churches who support MTM through their offering schedules. Another very special Thank You to all those who gave of themselves and came and served the Lord through MTM as guest teachers. It is our prayer that God would reward each of you openly as only He can. It is only through your ongoing support that MTM can accomplish the work God has called this ministry to do. 

I wish each of you could hear the gratitude that we repeatedly hear from those pastors and church leaders who attend these leadership training seminars. Over and over we will hear things like …

  1. Thank you for making a way that I could come to the training … I have never had the opportunity to attend a leadership conference before.
  2. Thank you for coming to our very remote village. We have never before had an American Bible teacher come to our village and teach us.
  3. Thank you for coming to us who are very poor.
  4. Thank you for teaching us things in the Bible we have never heard before.
  5. Thank you for giving us your teaching materials and allowing us to teach others also.
  6. Please come back again and teach us more of your faith and practice.

All those very special “Thank You’s” really belong to each of you who make it possible for MTM to conduct each of these conferences. And please be assured there are so many more ways that these dear attendees express their appreciation. But perhaps the greatest reward is when these attendees are renewed and revived by the Spirit of God and are inspired to continue to take the gospel to their own unreached people.  Recently in Nagaland India, one native attendee, was greatly discouraged in ministry and was planning to quit. But after attending a MTM leadership training conference God greatly encouraged and blessed this attendee and brought a revival to this individuals heart. This individual later testified that they will continue in ministry unto their own people for God’s glory. BLESSED BE GOD !!!


 The 2013 schedule is all packed out for the full year. Still, there remain many unaccommodated requests. Presently we are considering requests well into 2014. Truly the hunger for discipleship teaching is staggering here in Asia. Recently some Asia church leaders were requesting we place a IGo-MTM Bible school in their country and conduct ongoing discipleship teaching. In many ways we feel we are presently only seeing a small portion of the larger picture that God has for IGo-MTM. We continue to seek a long term family to serve as an assistant director for MTM. This would allow us to accommodate many more conferences. Please do continue to lift this ministry before the Lord in prayer. Click here to see the 2013 MTM Schedule


MTM is a faith-based ministry. MTM’s ability to disciple and spiritually equip native Christians to win their own unreached people to Jesus Christ is largely contingent upon your faithful contributions to this ministry. Every dollar of your contributions will be used to facilitate a leadership training conference of native leaders. The IGo staff families giving leadership to this ministry receive their support from other sources.  Thank you so much for your prayer and financial support. By Gods faithful grace MTM will teach faithful men who shall be able to teach others also … so the gospel will be preached among the unreached. Contributions of any amount may be sent to the address below or click this Donate Link to contribute through the MTM website and Pay-Pal.

PO Box 116
Ephrata, PA 17522 USA
Please be sure to earmark your contribution for MTM. A tax deductible receipt is available upon request. Thank you in advance for your prayer and financial contribution.
For Christ Jesus & The Nations
Raymond Burkholder
IGo-MTM Director

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