“…the villagers secretly planned to kill me.”

…said the 88 year old pastor who attended the MTM Kingdom Builder’s Conference at the Pamati Church of Christ, in Myitkyina, Myanmar.


This 88 year old pastor gives a clear testimony to the MTM team of God’s faithfulness. His touching story brought tears to our eyes!

The following true account was given in person to our MTM team and compiled by his grandson, Benjamin, our native coordinator:

Grandpa Story

            I am Mr.Hu Che Phi, I am a missionary to Naga people. This is my risking story how God rescued me from the headhunter people. I went to Naga Land to proclaim the gospel in 1975. One day I entered to Htankaw Village and slept at the village headmaster house. During that night the villagers secretly planned to kill me.

            The Village headmaster stopped them saying their own dialects. But the villagers agreed to kill me on my way next day. I didn’t notice their secret plan but I shared the gospel to the Village headmaster family throughout the night.

            The next day morning I got up early, prayed to God, and traveled to another village. When the villagers realized that I had gone they tried to follow after me immediately. So I crossed the border and reached to another territory. Even though they saw me at the edge of the border they didn’t have chance to kill me across other territory. So I was rescued by God.

            I traveled one village to another for three years and shared the gospel each house. Then, in 1983 Hthankaw village and many villages converted to Christianity. I established 27 churches in Naga Land of Myanmar.

            After 20 years later the village headmaster explained me “How he stopped his people not to kill me in his house at that night”. One of the headhunter groups confessed me that he was following me to kill on that morning. But now he becomes a pastor.

            I am really glad that they all accepted Jesus Christ and God redeemed them from Satan’s power. They all become Christians.

Now my age is 88. Please do remember me in your prayer.


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