The plane shuddered and bounced as it touched down on the tarmac, signaling the end of the long journey. We had arrived in Mumbai, India. It was 2 A.M., and raining hard. Adults stood shuffling for their bags and children cried, deprived of sleep and normal comforts. I observed my comrades; weary parents; impatient young people, desperate to awaken their electronics; middle class men, obviously frequent flyers, taking it all with calm oblivion.

I looked down at my backpack… Why was I here? For the adventure? Not really. Because I was invited? Not completely, although I do appreciate the invitation. I was standing in Mumbai because of Jesus! Because Jesus said, “as my Father has sent me, so send I you!” Because Jesus came to preach to the poor, to heal the broken-hearted, to give sight to the blind, and to set the captives free! That’s why I was here. Praise God that is why MTM was here! Hallelujah!

I grabbed my overloaded pack and headed into the rain wondering, how will I find my contact? Will he even be here?

India is a land of opportunity. Within its borders are 1600 languages, 7000 people groups and 1.34 billion souls heading to eternity, many without hearing the gospel of Jesus Christ. No one has ever told them of His life changing power – the power to break the chains of darkness, to walk in holiness, to heal the broken hearted, and to open the eyes of the blind, Bless God.

As Jesus wept over Jerusalem, so He weeps over the darkness of India and other unreached people groups. He sees the fields white, ready for harvest. He hears their cry – “Come and teach us the ‘all things’ of the Scriptures! Come and have a leadership conference and a Bible school! Come to our land, to our country, to our city, will you come?” Ezekiel 22:30 “And I sought for a man…”

Jesus’ response to the need is in Matthew 9:38 – “Pray ye therefore the Lord of the harvest, that he would send forth laborers into His harvest.” The call is still ringing out across the church of Jesus Christ… “so send I you!” The harvest is being lost because the reapers are not there! They have found other work more comfortable, closer home, requiring less self-denial, less sacrifice, less obedience.

Here Am I, Send Me, Responses At The Conference …

Dear reader, let me be very clear. Salvation is not an end in itself. Yes, we must first be partakers of the fruit, but then we have a high calling, a holy calling, a divine calling, to use every opportunity to be faithful and carry the banner of Jesus Christ to the lost. To stand in the gap, to blow the trumpet in Zion, for the day of the Lord cometh, and is nigh at hand.

Let us lift up the feeble hands that hang down. Support and be involved in the cause of Christ any way you can, whether through prayer, finances, or by going yourself.

The conference is over, and was it all worth it? After all the money, energy, time, hard beds and spicy food that didn’t agree with the stomach & sickness? Absolutely it was! Souls were saved, re-commitments were made, full surrender swept the congregation. Most importantly, the angels rejoiced and God was glorified!

Editor’s Note; The above article was written by brother Nevin Good. Nevin & his wife Charlotte live in Fortuna, MO and have 4 children and 2 grandchildren. Nevin serves as pastor at Anchor of Hope Mennonite Fellowship. Nevin loves the Lord and has a compassionate heart to reach the uttermost for Jesus Christ. Thank you brother for serving the Lord through MTM and conveying God the Fathers heart for all the unreached people groups.


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