Presently we have students here at our IGo campus from many different countries for our Asian Bible school. This year the students come from America, Egypt, India, Myanmar, Nepal and Thailand. So really, it is not an Asian Bible School, but rather a Global Bible School. Blessed be God.

L-R Starting in the fourth Row – Mr Bee (Thailand), Ps Tulshi (Nepal), Mr Isaac (Myanmar), Ps Keshab (Nepal), Ps Amgad (Egypt), Mr Srinivas (India). Third Row – Ps Peter (Thailand), Mr John (Myanmar), Mr Enoch (Thailand), Mr Prabin (Nepal)  Ms Kek (Thailand), Mrs Lakshmi (wife of Srinivas), Ms Kwang (Thailand). Second Row – Mr Andrew (Egypt), Mrs Esther (Nepal), Mrs Jodhy (Nepal), Mr Mana (Thailand). Front Row – Rick Rhodes (IGo Instructor), Raymond Burkholder (IGo Instructor), Joel Yoder (Guest Instructor from Virginia, USA)

It has been a great blessing and joy teaching these dear students. Most of these dear students are actively involved in ministry to their own people. Some are pastors and others are missionaries. Still others are evangelists into the unreached regions of the Himalayas. In many ways it feels like we as Americans should sit at their feet and learn from them. It truly has been a great blessing fellow-shipping together around Gods Word.


Immediately after ABS is completed on March 23, Naomi and I will be traveling to Pohara, Nepal (on the 24th) for a leadership training conference. We will be conducting a conference there from March 26-30. Harold & Sharol Carpenter from Sturgis, MI will be coming to join us. Harold will also be teaching at the conference. Thank you for your prayers.

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