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The Rough Places Made Smooth

We left the smooth and busy streets of Taunggyi (pronounced Tong-jee) and began to bounce over the rough and winding roads toward the conference site. The road became narrower and rougher, and when I thought it couldn’t get narrower, it did.  Finally we made a hard right turn and drove up a steep incline to the conference site. We were met with eager faces of natives that had been praying and anticipating this day for over a year. The conference was held at a children’s home and attended by natives from six different states from within Myanmar, some traveling over 200 miles.


The attendees with the MTM Team.  L-R, Merle & Judy Flory, Grant Fullmer and Grant’s son Austin.

As the first day unfolded, the bumps and glitches began to fade; and the preaching, the power-points, and the translators all began to synchronize smoothly. As we left the first evening to head back to our lodging, I realized our hearts were already beginning to bond with these precious people. The following morning as we again left the smooth streets of Taunggyi, the same rough road seemed smoother and less narrow. My mind went to a verse that Isaiah spoke nearly 2,700 years ago and Luke records in chapter 3:5; Every valley shall be filled, and every mountain and hill shall be brought low; and the crooked shall be made straight, and the rough ways shall be made smooth. Just as John the Baptist prepared the way for the Lord, I realized my heart was being prepared for the Lord to speak through the teaching, as we began to love these precious believers. The next verse says, And all flesh shall see the salvation of God. This sums up the conference quite well. The teaching reminded us all what God has done for us through Christ; and how that salvation should affect our lives, as we follow the commands of Christ. Personally, I felt challenged to simply follow Jesus’ commands and unapologetically declare His salvation to others.

As the final service concluded, we sang “God be with you till we meet again” and I saw tears running down cheeks. Truly our hearts had united with these believers and parting tugged at our emotions. Likely, we won’t see them again till we see them in heaven. Our prayer is that they, and us, will remain faithful and watching till that day, when the rough ways will eternally be made smooth!

The above article was written by Brother Grant Fullmer a Pastor from Farmersville, Ohio.  Grant served God through MTM as a guest teacher in two different conferences here in Myanmar. Thank you, Grant, for faithfully lifting up the Word of God and sharing your passion, time, and giftings with these hungry souls.


MTM Team with native coordinator, Stephen Blessing and his family.



The following article was written by Stephen Blessing, our native coordinator here in Myanmar. He truly lived up to his name, BLESSING!  Thank you, Stephen, for teaching us so much about the heart of those who you have been called to serve.

     Dear Merle Flory and Judy and Grant and Austin and all the coworker of MACEDONIA TEACHING MINISTRY (MTM) Greeting to you all in the name of our Lord and saviour Jesus Christ.
First of all. I thanks God for the privilege to know each other in His Nation and opportunity to learn from you.
Secondly. I grateful to you the conference which you held for my people in Myanmar. The message you shared touched the heart of people who attended the conference.
Thanks for God word that you brought to us and the expenses of the conference. My people are learning a lot from your and you’r friend. I myself was so encouraged through your teaching. I really appreciate the way you serve the Lord.

Here is so.easy name list from Conference at Taunggyi.

Taunggyi MTM Attendee From Each States of Myanmar  collation.
1. From Shan States            20 person.
2. From  Kayak States        15 person.
3. From  Chin States              3  Person.
4. From Mandalay Division 1  person.
5. From Rakhai States          1 person.
6. From Rengon Division       4 person.

            All attendees will be 44 people.

May The Lord bless you and all your MTM Them.
God be with you till we again.
To All the nations for Christ.
Stephen Blessing.

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