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Phrases like, “we have never heard teaching like this before”, “we are learning so much”, and “saying thanks is not enough” are still ringing in my ears.  Those were the words of 2 young men, James and Silas (not real names) aged 22 and 24 years.

They were 2 of the 20 faithful attendees at Golden Bible School (GBS).  James and Silas daily, sat in the front, eagerly listening and taking notes of the things, they were hearing.  Both men are serving as youth Pastors in their respective churches, just outside Myitkyina, Myanmar.

_DSC2418James & Silas Eagerly Listening To The Bible Teaching at GBS

What is my responsibility to young men like James and Silas?  Why did God allow the scale of bible training, of biblical based resources, and Christian values to be so favorably tipped in my favor?  How will young men like James and Silas know what a godly lifestyle, marriage and family looks like, unless someone comes and teaches them?

_DSC2642James and Silas, along with 17 other students knelt before the Lord on the last day. 

Tears rolling down many faces, as they committed to surrendering all to Jesus, and to stay true to Him no matter the cost.  Committing to pursuing godly marriages and families.  Seeking prayers of God’s blessing upon their lives from the MTM teachers.  I realized again, that the harvest is truly great.  May God bless and enhance the ministry of James and Silas.  May God continue to bless the MTM team so that, young men like James and Silas will hear truth, and commit to teaching and preaching among their own people.

It was a great privilege to be part of the MTM teaching team for 3 weeks of Bible teaching at GBS.  I was blessed to be part of fulfilling Jesus’ command in Matt. 19:20a to, “teach them to observe all things whatsoever I have commanded you.”  I bless the MTM ministry teams in Jesus name.  They are really meeting a felt need, within the Asian churches.

Editor’s Note: This article was written by Lanus Dueck. Lanus & his wife Aganetha and their 5 children live Chiang Mai, Thailand and are serving as missionaries with IGo. Thank you, brother Lanus, for your labor of love in teaching the Gospel of Mark at GBS.


Come along and join us on a 3-week ministry trip to Myitkyina, Myanmar, in northern Myanmar close to the China border. The Irrawaddy River and mountains to the east. A variety of beautiful lush trees and birds singing. A typical morning starts with the early morning Muslim prayer call that sounds throughout the city, a very dedicated people. And Buddhist monks going about for their collection as the is Sun coming up, horns honking, busy streets from early morning till late at night. Markets are set up along the street wherever you go. Clothing, shoes, flowers, fruit, blankets, baskets and much more. Thank the Lord for the gift of a smile! This is one gift we can freely give wherever we go even thou we cannot communicate, in return we received many precious smiles!

The first MTM-GOLDEN BIBLE SCHOOL was commenced in Myitkyina in a small upstairs church. Every morning we were greeted with approximately 20 students, varying in ages from 22 – 70 years old, and the native coordinator and interpreter, Isaac. The other interpreters name was Peace. The moments were precious to shake their hands and give the Burmese greeting ‘Minga-la-bah’. The classes were started with some beautiful singing and a devotional by the coordinator or by one of the students. The classes were “Godly Home and Marriage” by Raymond Burkholder, “Basic Bible Studies” by Milton Loewen, and “The Book of St. Mark by Lanus Dueck. The group was very attentive with open eyes, ears and a heart for the teaching of the Word of God! They were always ready to respond and take part in the discussion time. One precious young widow lady came 14 hours by train! And stayed for the 3 weeks. She testified how she grew up in a Buddhist home and that the Heavenly Father is her husband. She had such a gracious sweet spirit. A pastor would ride his motorbike for 22 miles every day to attend, rain or shine, many rough roads. Some days he brought his wife or some of his children. Amazing how quickly we learned to love these dear people that we never met before and don’t know if we will ever meet again. But we know we will meet them some day in glory!

At the end of a day of teaching, soaked with sweat, and resorting back to our hotel room overlooking the city, we feel so blessed! The thought would come to me again and again, “Lord, it could have been me”, sitting here in the darkness of the Buddhists or the Muslims. We see temples everywhere where they worship in deception false gods. They are a people lost in darkness on their way to a pit of deeper darkness, forever! UNLESS, someone comes and shows them and teaches them about the TRUE GOD and His Son the LORD JESUS CHRIST!

As opportunity was given we would visit other churches and share a short message with them, we would hear it over and over again, “We have no teaching on the Godly Family or True Biblical studies of the Bible”. Will you please come again? So, who will be willing to go? A powerful influence can be left by being willing to go, walk among them, shake their hands, show friendly faces and teach them the Real True Gospel, and turn their hearts to Jesus. Watch them fall on their knees in commitment to Jesus. Then lay hands on them, pray for them, and sent them out to GO and bring the gospel to their people. To God be the Glory!

Editor’s Note: This article was written by Milton & Katharina Lowen from La Crete, Alberta, Canada. Milton serves as the pastor of Gospel Light Fellowship, Alberta, Canada. Thank you, Milton, for your contribution to GBS for teaching the course on Basic Bible Studies. 


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