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Are These Things Really So?

Acts 17:11 “Now these Jews were more noble than those in Thessalonica; they received the word with all eagerness, examining the scriptures daily to see if these things were so.

As I, (Kevin Groff), taught the book of Romans and Levi Brubaker taught the book of Hebrews and Raymond Burkholder taught “The Ministry of the Holy Spirit” for three weeks, between May 1 -19, at the Himalayan Bible School – India. Once again MTM came face to face with Christians who have come to Christ, yet are weak in knowing and understanding the scriptures. When our Bible knowledge and understanding is low, it is difficult to live out accurately the spirit of God’s Word.  It is difficult to try and test the spirits and know what is from God and what is from another spirit.

The three-week MTM Bible school was conducted at Palampur, Himachal Pradesh in northern India.  One afternoon, right after the lunch break, when everyone feels a little drowsy, I noticed the students were struggling to stay alert.  Some of their eyes were starting to glaze over as we slogged through the deep issues of doctrine in the middle of the Romans epistle.  So, I stopped and asked if they are getting tired of doctrine and if anyone has any questions they want to discuss in class.  We had the best of fellowship for the next half hour as we talked through several issues a couple of the students were thinking about during the weeks of study.  Dealing with the language barrier can at times be challenging while they try to express themselves and we try to understand through an interpreter.  But the Holy Spirit is active in these classes and conversation and amazing discussions and relationships can grow as we search the scriptures, seeking to know and grow together.  The whole goal is that we and they be drawn closer to our Savior, the Lord Jesus Christ and that His name might be exalted and spread all over the world as students leave these MTM Bible Schools and Conferences.

After that particular class session was over and I was visiting with several of the students, one of the young men came up to me.  He could speak good English.  He told me he really appreciated class today, which to me was amazing, because I was feeling like I was bogging them down in the exposition of heavy theological doctrine and maybe not giving them enough practical application to take with them.

IMG_4825Pastor Kevin Groff discussing The Book Of Romans Study With The Bible School Students 

The story he told was that he had attended several years of Divinity School and Seminary.  He had studied many subjects and taken courses in most of the NT books of the Bible.  But He was standing here now, telling me how he had never heard Romans taught before like we were teaching it now.  He was enjoying how I was going chapter by chapter and verse by verse and teaching the principles and doctrines so important to our understanding of justification, sanctification and how to live victoriously by the power of the Holy Spirit.  In all his study, he had never had that experience and he related that he is learning so many new things.

What an amazing opportunity we have, to be part of training young emerging pastors to go back to their regions, their villages…the places where God has placed them in the ministry.  The Gospel will go out to the nations, God’s words will not return empty and He will be glorified.  Because of your support, both financially and through prayer ministry, MTM can go out across many countries of South East Asia teaching and preaching the glorious Gospel – the power of God unto salvation.  Thank you so much for being a part of this ministry in the Kingdom of God!

Editor’s Note; The above article was written by Kevin Groff from Bradford PA. Kevin serves as administrator of Reach Out Ministries as well as Chestnut Street Christian School at Bradford, PA. Kevin also serves as pastor at Bradford Mennonite church. A very special thank you to Kevin & Shelia as well as their 4 youngest children for serving the Lord faithfully with MTM.

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