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Kingdom Growth in Western Nepal

The October, 2016 conference held near Dhangadhi in southwestern Nepal provided another obvious manifestation of the Spirit of God working among His people around the globe.  The approximately 300 attendees were very attentive and responsive to the gospel messages and teaching shared with them.  With upturned faces and open expressions welcoming the teaching, then with smiling countenances and grateful comments afterwards, their receptivity to the Word of God was evident and inspiring.
Merle & Judy Flory and Curt & Janie Wagoner with many conference attendees. 
The teaching during the four-day conference was centered upon The Commands of Christ (taken primarily from the Sermon on the Mount) and Portraits of Family Life (using examples of faithful individuals mentioned in Hebrews 11).  There were three sermons each day, two before lunch and one following.  With a 45-minute drive each way to the conference site, and time allotted for fellowship and praying with the afflicted or needy, the days were full.  The temperatures were in the lower- and mid-90’s (F) and the humidity was high, but generally there was a pleasant breeze blowing through the church building.  Approximately half of the attendees, sitting shoulder-to-shoulder and back-to-forehead on the mat-covered floor, were able to squeeze into the building at any one time.   While there were many pastors present, there were also other individuals who attended – including some who were unconverted, though searching.

One evening during the conference, the team was invited into a local home that had recently been newly constructed.  Two years ago, this same family had provided a warm welcome into their mud, two-room home in which they then lived; this year they opened their new brick-and-mortar home (now elevated above flood danger) and wanted prayer for cleansing and dedication of the house, which was readily granted.  They insisted that they want to make this evening meal and fellowship time a regular part of future conferences in this area!

04Brother Curt Wagoner, giving “Biblical Portraits of Family Life” with native translator, Simon.

The day following the conference, the team was asked to dedicate a church in a remote location about an hour’s drive from Dhangadhi.  This church is one of five recent church plants from the hosting church of the conference two years ago.  At the dedication service on Friday, this new church unveiled their name and revealed their new pastor.  Try to imagine the delight of the team when it was discovered that the new pastor was actually one of the converts from the conference in 2014 and a recent attendee of the Himalayan Bible School – both sponsored by MTM!  After assisting with the ordination service, the team was then unexpectedly introduced to two new converts who had just made their decisions to follow Christ at the conference concluded the previous day!  This entire experience was extremely fulfilling and enriching, and it portrays so well what God is doing with the church in the nation of Nepal.  The gates of hell are most certainly not prevailing against the church here, as Jesus, a wise master-builder, is raising up a church in testimony to His grace and faithfulness in this remote area.  May all glory be to Jesus!

Editor’s note: The above article was written by MTM guest teacher, Brother Curt Wagoner.  Curt and Janie traveled to Dhangadhi, Nepal from West Alexandria, Ohio to assist with this conference.  This is the second time they have assisted us here in Nepal.  Thank you, Curt and Janie, for your sacrifice and service in God’s kingdom, both at home and abroad.

MTM Assistant Director
Merle D. Flory

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