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Preaching The Living God In A Land Of Dead Idols

We arrived at the Yangon Grace Bible School on Monday August 15, 2016, having been invited there for a teaching conference lasting several days. We were greeted by many smiling, friendly pastors and students who went out of their way to make us feel welcome. There were nineteen pastors from at least four different states of Myanmar with eight different dialects represented among them, along with thirty-four students and several staff members. Many of these pastors made great sacrifice to be at the conference. Some left their villages and families traveling by foot, canoe, and then by bus many hours (over a three day trek) to be taught the Word of God! We were gladdened right from the beginning upon hearing that one man who was traveling with the rest to attend the conference accepted Jesus on the way! Sometimes the Holy Spirit starts blessing us before we can even ask or think! Praise the Lord for the open hearts who are seeking Him worldwide!

We had four wonderful days of teaching from God’s Word and up building of our hearts by the Holy Spirit!  Each day was scheduled with two teaching sessions in the morning and two in the afternoon.  Brother Merle broke words of Life to us in his instruction on Having a Fruitful Ministry, and Abiding in Christ – John 15. This is only obtained through our Relationship with God, Relationship with Others, and our Relationship with the World. We remain separate from the world, yet go INTO it to reach men for Christ. (Of course, Merle’s power points and visual aids are a great help!) Brother Dale shared several attributes of God to help us know our Father better. God is Living, Eternal, and is Complete in Presence, Power, Knowledge, Grace, and Holiness. He finished with encouraging us to keep our Focus on Jesus.


MTM Conference Photo Taken Inside the Class Room, Due to Monsoon Rain Pouring on the Outside.  There Were 12 Different Dialects Present.

As the pastors and students would sing or read scripture in their native tongue it was inspiring and very touching to our hearts. Some songs we were able to all sing together. Amazing Grace knows no cultural barriers! They read the scripture with great enthusiasm! It was a joy to experience their worship regardless of the heat, rain, or their fragile surrounding conditions. Their enthusiasm comes from the fact that Jesus Christ is the greatest JOY they have! It just reinforces our awareness that true worship is from the heart regardless our circumstances.

Judy and Marcia were a blessing to the girl students as they interacted together. They encouraged and built each other up, making lasting friendships!

Each Pastor and Student we met – from elderly men pastoring for over forty years to the youngest bright-eyed fourteen year old student – seemed a living example of humility and service. How cross-cultural the teaching has been as we’ve seen their cheerful acceptance of crowded living conditions among the younger, and the open-hearted sharing among the older pastors throughout the week! There is much diligent learning and quiet contentment, as these brethren seek to effectively reach others for Christ, deepen the message they carry, and fellowship with each other in their time spent together. True Christians everywhere are One in Christ. How Beautiful are the Feet of Them which spread the Gospel of Peace!

Editor’s note;  The above article was written by our guest teacher, Brother Dale Bowman from Modesto, California.  Dale and Marcia his wife are serving on the ministerial team in their local congregation.  Their sacrifice, love, and ministry was both felt and appreciated by all who attended this conference.  Thank you, Dale and Marcia, for giving so much of yourselves for the Church in Myanmar.  To God be the glory, great things He has done!

Merle D. Flory, Asst. MTM Director

A Collective Reflection on the MTM conference: It was a time of renewing my commitment to God and to the work He has called me to do. The teaching on relationship with God, with others and with the world was so much a blessing to us that I wish it can be spread all over Myanmar within this year. And Pastor Dale’s teaching on the holiness of God and the grace of God was so profound that it has called us for personal sanctification. Personally, I am in love with you guys. You are like a firehouse and your presence brought me a strength I needed for the ministry.

Sincerely in Christ,

The above reflection is a testimony from our native coordinator, Philip, in Yangon, Myanmar. Thank you, Brother Philip, for your heart and passion to reach Myanmar with the Everlasting Gospel.

Click Here For A Photo Album Of The Myanmar MTM Conference 

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