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What Excuse Did I Have To Tell Him ???

Greetings in the precious name of Jesus Christ to all MTM supporters. It indeed was a blessed opportunity and privilege to go with Raymond and Naomi to Myitkina, Myanmar for a week of Bible leadership conference. The theme of this seminar was Godly marriages and families. There were approximately 8 local pastors from different church groups represented as well as numerous families, individuals and many young people. There were approximately 80 to 90 total in attendance. The Myanmar folks are a very sweet and friendly people and they deeply appreciated the teaching of the Bible, and biblical values.

DSC08043The Full Marriage & Family Conference Group At Myitkyina, Myanmar  

One pastor asked me, “how come you people have had this faith and practice for so many generations and you never have come to teach us and share it with us”? What excuse did I have to tell him??? 

All the sessions were recorded and I saw they made many many duplicates of them in packages and were taken to their home churches. One pastor told me they would show them and listen to them in their home church groups again. And those that could not come that they also may hear the messages. I also was impressed how well the local pastors were coordinating and had organized this seminar. It also was a blessing to see how many people responded to altar calls and recommitted their life to be faithful to their families and the Lord.

DSC08014The MTM Ministry Team L-R; Rosa King (Ransom Teacher), Naomi & Raymond Burkholder (MTM Teacher), Milton & Katharina Loewen From Arborg, Manitoba, Canada (MTM Teacher) & Melanie Beachy (Ransom Teacher).

Indeed, MTM (Macedonian Teaching Ministry) has the right name. There are still people that request the “Macedonian call” which is a “Come and help us call” for those who do not have the teaching that we as Anabaptists have had for many generations. MTM continues to hear this call from many regions of the world today. These native Christian leaders are requesting Bible principle teaching and values to be taught among their own native people. As one man told me. Family life has never been taught in their culture not in the old religion (Buddhism) nor has it been much taught in their new life as Christians. And they have started to see a need among their people. Praise the Lord for native men that have a vision to make a difference among their own people.

It was also a blessing to see so many young people at the seminar. So surely there is a very great potential for these attendees to impact their world for Jesus Christ and build His church. The Lord blessed us with lovely weather of about 75 f. In the day time which made it so nice for being in a church building without A/C. Taking a couple of weeks off for this was a great blessing for Katharina and myself. As we are also blessed with many new friends.

Editor’s Note; Pastor Milton and Katharina Loewen are serving as the lead pastor couple at the Interlake Mennonite Fellowship church at Arborg, Manitoba, Canada. Thank you for giving of yourselves in time and resources as unto the Lord in serving these dear people of Myanmar. Your labor of love was very much appreciated.

Click Here For A Photo Album Of The Myitkyina, MYANMAR Conference

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