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New Frontiers, Friends & Faith in Ghatsila, India

Arriving in the Jharkhand state of India, we were very graciously received by our conference host couple, Masih Das and Sarita Minz. They operate a youth hostel at their home, housing 35 youth from non-Christian homes, who are attending a local private school. The students were off for a three-week break, and the hostel provided an excellent facility for the conference.  About 65 pastors and church leaders gathered for 4 days to be taught and encouraged from the Word of God.


The Full Conference Group At Ghatsila (Jaharkhand state), India

Merle taught on the subject of “Servant Leadership” and very effectively used an object lesson of a robe and an apron throughout the week to illustrate his points of pride and service.  My subject was “A Pastor/Leader and His Relationships”, with sessions on relationship with: self, God, wife, children, congregation, and community.  These were all taught from the pattern of Jesus’ example. The attendees were very attentive and responsive, fervently expressing their appreciation for the teaching.  Several would like to have a similar conference in their area.  I could sense that the week provided a second blessing as we watched the networking among pastors, many of whom did not know each other prior to the conference.  They enjoyed times of fellowship during meals and tea breaks.  Many of them shared their personal experiences and contact information, with hopes of future contact with each other.


MTM Teaching Team L-R; Judy & Merle Flory, brother Philemon (driver), Janet and Rodney Sprenkel from Covington, Ohio.

We were blessed to learn to know these brothers and sisters in Christ, and to worship and fellowship with them as we shared the week together. Our prayer is that God will be glorified, saints encouraged, the church strengthened and souls won for the cause of Christ as these men return to their local callings to prepare and send God’s people into the work of reaching the unreached people in their own communities.  In Merle’s words, fulfilling their part of “the whole church taking the whole gospel to the whole world!”

Editor’s note: The above article was written by Rodney and Janet Sprenkel from Covington, Ohio.  Rodney served as the MTM guest teacher for this conference.  Their sacrifice of time and resources was a great blessing, both to MTM and the native attendees.  This was the first MTM conference to be conducted in this region of India.  To God be the glory!


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