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Exceeding Multiplication Possibilities

My wife Janice and I left our home on January 1 and traveled to Raymond’s home in Chiang Mia, Thailand. We spent the weekend getting over jet lag and catching up with Raymond and Naomi’s lives. (We were friends with Raymond’s for many years when they lived in the states). We left Chiang Mia for India on Monday eve. January 4th.


The MTM Teaching Team L-R; Aaron & Janice Hurst & Raymond & Naomi Burkholder

The youth conference started Tuesday eve. with 43 youth in attendance from surrounding regions. They were very appreciative and attentive as Raymond taught many Christian life principles from the life of David. I focused on the difference between a wise man versus a foolish man and the importance of being a doer of the Word.


Siliguri, India Youth Conference Group

On Sunday morning Raymond and I each shared a message at the pastors’ house church. The house was filled with people, some in adjoining rooms and also sitting on the floor.  Sunday afternoon Raymond’s and us rented a taxi to go north to see the great Himalayan Mountains. After three hours of breath taking views with bumpy roads and hair pin curves, we were in the village of Darjeeling. The mountain peaks were shrouded in clouds that eve. and a cold 39 degrees. We slept in a hotel that didn’t have any heat, but it was worth it as the next morning when the sun came up the clouds were gone and the view was totally awesome.

We arrived back at our hotel at Siliguri Monday in time to freshen up a bit and head to the pastors’ conference of 185 pastors. They greeted us, gave us the finest seats in the front row, and had Raymond and I introduce the topics we were planning to teach. I understand there were some men attending the conference that had to walk 5 hours from their home in the bush to get a bus for a two-day trip to Siliguri. There was one pastor that told Raymond he attended a pastors’ conference six years ago at the same place, when Raymond was teaching and could even remember what Raymond taught on. I preached on the absolute importance of having a clean, pure sanctified vessel (heart) fit for the Master’s use. I spent a few sessions getting very practical, then moved onto the ministers’ responsibilities as taught by Paul to Timothy. Raymond taught on the godly marriage and the godly family. It was a very practical teaching with PowerPoint sessions that the men could clearly understand.  Afterward one of the pastors told us MTM needs to have a conference for couples. They want their wives to hear the teaching also. Raymond delivered the last message and called the people to a commitment, just about everyone stood and came forward.

I feel very blessed and privileged to have been a part of these conferences. It’s a very needful ministry. Many men told us they never heard teaching like this before. It’s a tremendous opportunity and an open door to teach these pastors and the impact that this will have upon their churches for eternity.


The Siliguri, India Pastors Conference Group

My wife and I saw a beautiful example of a husband/wife team working together to minister the Word. Raymond’s wife Naomi is right beside him, helping in so many ways, keeping track of all the details, remembering things, helping set up and tear down the av equipment. We were so blessed to witness this, Raymond and Naomi, God has truly made you ONE in heart and purpose for ministry. God bless you!!

For whosoever shall call upon the name of the Lord shall be saved. How then shall they call on him in whom they have not believed? And how shall they believe on him of whom they have not heard? And how shall they hear without a preacher? Romans 10:13,14

Editor’s Note; This article was written by guest teacher Aaron Hurst and his wife Janice. Aaron is the senior pastor at Charity Christian Fellowship of Leola, PA. They also are the owners of Altar of Praise Studio. Thank you dear brother and sister for your labor of love in ministering and faithfully teaching God’s Word in both of these conferences.

Click Here For Both Conferences Photo Album 



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