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MTM once again is about to head out of town on the “making disciples of all nations” trail. This time MTM will be traveling to Himanchal Pradesh (HP) which is a one of the most gospel unreached states of all of India. HP state of India is located in far northern India bordering Tibet (China) . Our ministry trip dates are November 25th to December 4, 2015.


Where is Palampur Himanchal Pradesh, India?

This ministry trip will be taking us to Berachah Ministries Bible College & Seminary in Palampur, HP India. Presently this seminary has 42 emerging church leader students enrolled. The first three days we will be teaching the seminary students. Then the following three days native pastors and leaders will be coming to the seminary facility and joining the seminary students and we will be teaching a pastoral leadership conference.


MTM Ministry Team, L-R; Naomi & Raymond Burkholder (MTM teacher), John Michael Nolt (MTM teacher), Ben Weaver (IGo student), Eric Kleinsasser (IGo student), Clara Wolfe (IGo student) & Rosa King (Ransom teacher) Front Row; Janelle Burkholder (Ransom teacher), Janie Fisher (IGo student), Cherie Gingerich (IGo student), Jessica Yoder (IGo student)

The MTM ministry team will be comprised of two MTM teachers who will be teaching the seminary students as well as the pastoral leadership conference. Two sisters that will be representing Ransom ministries who will be teaching a young ladies class to the seminary students. There will also be 6 IGo students as part of the ministry team who will be functioning in separate ministry in the same region. Our full team is made up of 11 team members.

Specific Prayer Requests

1) Pray for safe travels by air and by vehicle.
2) Pray for team unity in the Spirit of Jesus Christ.
3) Pray for safe travels for all the pastoral leaders who will be coming to the seminary facility from remote regions of India.
4) Pray for each of us teachers that we will rightly divide the Word of Truth cross-culturally
5) Pray for the MTM teams daily health as well as divine protection both day & night.
6) Pray for the native interpreters to experience the gift of tongues as they interpret for each of us teachers.
7) Pray that Jesus Christ the worthy lamb would be exalted in each and every teaching class.


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