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From The IGo-MTM Board Chairman

It has been a privilege for Edith and I to travel with Raymond and Naomi Burkholder to Nagaland, India. I have been encouraged with the work of the Macedonian Teaching Ministry while here in Nagaland.


The MTM Team To Nagaland, India L-R; Naomi & Raymond Burkholder, Rumatho Nyuson (Meluri village Conference Coordinator), Merle & Edith Burkholder. We are dressed in Pochury tibe traditional attire. 

Macedonian Teaching Ministry is devoted to helping national leaders reach out in evangelism and to do the work of discipleship in churches in many countries. Raymond and Naomi Burkholder and Merle and Judy Flory travel to many countries to do this work of teaching and discipleship.

The vision of Raymond and Merle is to strengthen the hands of the national pastors and leaders. This is exactly what has happened here in Nagaland. Both Brother Raymond and I were able to participate in teaching sessions with leaders from churches of several different tribes. Many expressed their appreciation for the teaching.

There are many of the national leaders who have never had a spiritual father. Brother Raymond and Brother Merle are able to minister to these men on a personal level as well as in the conference teaching. It is very empowering for these men to have a relationship with an older pastor/teacher. I believe that Brother Raymond and Brother Merle fill a spiritual void in the lives of many of these leaders.


The Pastoral Leadership Group At Meluri Village, Nagaland INDIA

We have met so many men in the past week who have a vision for spiritual growth in the churches here. They are trying to inspire people to have a closer walk with the Lord Jesus Christ. Brother Raymond is able to come along side these men and speak to the people about the need to follow the call of God in their lives. While we were here in Nagaland Merle and Judy Flory were in another part of India (Chintalure Village in Andhra Pradesh) carrying out a similar work.

It is my desire and prayer that God will bless both of these couples with health, energy, and strength to continue the important work of MTM for many years to come.

Editor’s Note; The above article was written by brother Merle Burkholder. Merle serves as assistant pastor at Believers church in Sioux Lookout, Ontario. He also serves as director of Open Hands Ministry as well as chairman of the IGo-MTM board. Thank you brother Merle for the many hats you truly do wear in being part of building God’s kingdom on earth. Thank you for choosing to serve the Lord through MTM.


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