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God’s Quake In Nepal At HBS 2015

“And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God,
to them who are the called according to his purpose.” Rom. 8:28

We greet each of you in the sweet loving name of Lord Jesus Christ from Nepal. I would like to share about how God blessed MTM-HBS 2015 with his heavenly blessings.

Very difficult & uncertain situation for HBS 2015:

As many of you know Nepal was badly devastated by two powerful earthquakes earlier this year which caused lots of death, chaos, suffering and a hopeless situation. Beside that, there were continuous aftershocks also which were shaking our country and there was physical damage of the HBS premises & facility. We even thought to withhold HBS this year as we were not sure if we would be able to hold in this kind of situation.

God had a beautiful plan for HBS 2015:

We prayed to God for his direction and his guidance in this critical situation. As the bible says that all things work together for good to them that love God Rom. 8:28, in the same way God had a beautiful plan for the hopeless situation. First, he miraculously provided the funds to repair the damaged HBS premises and helped us to repair it on time and the second, he helped us to hold HBS in his perfect timing. Last year we had HBS in April & we had planned on the same month for this year. But somehow, there was sudden changes on dates. Now we came to know it was God’s perfect planning & timing. And we praise & thank God for that. God wanted to use HBS as a means to comfort, encourage pastors and leaders who had experienced such devastation and were having difficulty to cope with hopeless situation.

DSC05191MTM-HBS 2015 Was Attended by 36 Church Leaders and or Emerging Leaders From All Over The Regions Of Nepal 

Participants willingness to risk their lives to come to HBS:

Last year there were 20 participants but this year we had 36 participants including 5 ladies from different parts of Nepal. There were mostly from quake victims who have lost their homes and some of their relatives in the earthquake. As the starting time of HBS 2015 was coming nearer, there were strikes, agitations and road blockade and violence going on in different parts of Nepal due to the political situation. And the participants were facing difficulty to join bible school due to violence and blockade of public transportation. We as the HBS committee were a bit disappointed as the day before starting time there were only 12 participants had showed up. But amazingly, the students started to show up from first day. The strike, agitation, violence and blockade didn’t stop their willingness of participants to join bible school to be blessed from the word of God. Some of students even risked their lives and came standing on the over filled bus the whole night traveling more than 600 km in a very packed & congested vehicle through jungle road to bypass the agitators.

The students were blessed from the biblical teachings:

The students were very much blessed from the teaching topics. The first topic was godly marriage and home by Ps. Raymond Burkholder. During this teaching class the attendees came to know how God is building his church through evangelism & the godly marriage and family and how God wants to bless the world through godly seed. Many students came to know evil schemes of devil in today’s world to destroy godly marriage and family, eg divorce, family planning, birth control, and ungodly & wicked entertainment and how to be aware from that to save godly marriage and family and be a salt & light in this wicked world. Many students confessed that they had viewed family planning and birth control and abortion acceptable in today’s modern society as it has become acceptable in the Nepalese society due to Government liberal stance and western influence. Now they came to know that the opening and closing of the womb is from God and the godly marriage, family and children is God’s blessings and He wants godly seed to be fruitful and multiply and replenish in Nepal.

The second teaching was from the book of Romans by Joseph Root. The students were blessed to know that God has called them for obedience to the faith among all nations, for his name and he wants impart spiritual gifts to the end that they may be established in faith in firm rock (Jesus Christ) with sound teachings that whosoever believes on him shall not be ashamed Rom. 9:33.

The students were also blessed by the third topic on brokenness by Ps. Merle Flory that God use external and internal situation to break us down so that we can be a more useful vessel for his kingdom work and his name is glorified through our humble, obedient and submissive life.

DSC05197HBS Committee & Teachers; L-R, Pastor Anand (HBS chairman) Joe & Melanie Root (teacher), Pastor Deepak (HBS secretary), Raymond & Naomi Burkholder (teacher), Pastor Ishwar (HBS treasurer), Merle & Judy Flory (teacher), Stephen Burkholder (HBS Committee)  

Students filled with zeal & passion to teach others:

At the end of the HBS, many students gave their testimony on how these biblical teachings blessed & encouraged in their lives despite the hopeless situation in post earthquake. They also expressed their zeal and passion to teach in their respective village churches and also apply the teachings in their own lives so that they would be effective testimony & blessings to others. Lastly, we would like to thank God for the blessed & successful HBS 2015. Without out him everything would have been impossible. We would also like to thank our beloved teachers Ps. Raymond, Ps. Merle and Ps. Joseph for their willingness to teach Nepalese pastors and leaders for 3 weeks with love and compassion for Nepalese churches and leaders. Also to all those who have contributed their cheerful contribution for the HBS and for their effective prayers.

Editors Note; The above article was written by Pastor Anand who is the chairman of the HBS Bible school committee. He also serves as the pastor of Zion Salvation church in Chhampi village which is the facility HBS uses for the three week Bible School. He also serves as the director of the Hope Children Home and Hope Outreach Team, Nepal. Thank you very much my dear brother for your dedicated zeal and purpose as unto the Lord for your labor of Love for the Lord and His kingdom in Nepal.

Directly after HBS this group departed Kathmandu for a 10 hour (one day) journey to central Nepal for the first EQUIP Family Life Conference in Tansen, Nepal. L-R, Rita, Sharmila (child Care) Naomi & Raymond (teacher) Wes & Alice King (Teacher) their son Wayne & Stephen Burkholder, Clinton Weaver (EQUIP Ministry Staff).

Immediately after HBS this group departed Kathmandu for a 10 hour (one day) journey to central Nepal for the first EQUIP Family Life Conference in Tansen, Nepal. L-R, Rita, Sharmila (child Care) Naomi & Raymond (teacher) Wesley & Alice King (Teacher) their son Wayne, Stephen Burkholder & Clinton Weaver (EQUIP Ministry Staff).


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