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Himalayan Bible School, 2015

Lord willing, the 2nd Annual 3 week Himalayan Bible School (HBS) is scheduled to begin next week in the Kathmandu Valley of Nepal.  Classes begin Monday Aug. 31, and continue through Sept. 18. The native HBS committee has struggled to put this together in light of the recent earthquakes. Since the building we used last year was damaged, they have made other arrangements for the School.  Soon after the earthquakes, MTM communicated with the HBS team and offered to postpone the 3 week Bible school for another year.  With much determination and devotion they replied, “Please come!  The Nepali church needs the encouragement more than ever from the Word of God!”


The MTM team will consist of three teachers and their wives.  Brother Raymond Burkholder and his wife Naomi, Brother Joe Root and his wife Melanie, and Brother Merle Flory and his wife Judy. Brother Joe and Sister Melanie are traveling here to serve as a MTM guest teacher from America.  They currently live and serve in Ellensburg, Washington. We will plan to have 3 classes daily, with 3 different subjects taught.

Brother Raymond’s class is on the “Godly Home and Family”. Brother Joe’s class is a study of the “Book of Romans”.  Brother Merle’s class is on “Brokenness”.  All three classes will be translated into the Nepali language by native interpreters.  Please pray for the many dynamics that we anticipate in this cross cultural Bible School.

 In prayer, please keep in mind some of the very recent sensitive political issues.  It seems that peace and stability is deteriorating in different parts of Nepal due to the government writing a new constitution. There have been strikes, agitation, and blockades in some areas. There has also been violent clashes between Police and protesters.

Specific Prayer Points for HBS:

  1. That God will show Himself strong during this crisis, to both the Church and the gospel unreached
  2. Safety for the 40 HBS students traveling through various regions of Nepal
  3. For HBS teachers to rightly divide the Word of Truth cross culturally
  4. For God to give our MTM team daily health, and divine protection day and night
  5. For the native interpreters to have the gift of tongues as they translate the lessons
  6. For the HBS committee, as they give direction and leadership to the School
  7. That the worthy slain Lamb of God, our Lord Jesus Christ, would be exalted in every class

Immediately following HBS, Raymond & Naomi will be joined by Wesley & Alice King from Bellville, PA to teach a three day Family Life Conference hosted by EQUIP Ministry. The dates for this family life conference are September 21-23, 2015 at Tansen, Nepal. EQUIP is a ministry connected to IGo & CAM in sponsoring orphan children all over the regions of Nepal. The family life conference will be for the directors of the different orphanages they are sponsoring.

Thank you for your prayers for both HBS and the EQUIP Family Life Conference.


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