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Once again MTM, in partnership with IGo student ministry trips, will be on the gospel discipleship dusty trail November 26 to December 4th, 2014. We are traveling to Nagaland in North East India. Most all of India is predominantly Hindu and Buddhist religion. But this region of India is rich with Christian missions history. American Baptist missionaries first brought the gospel to this region of India in the late 1800’s. Before the gospel came to the Naga people they were a fierce war like people and known to be head hunters. Their highest known glory was to be a successful warrior. They proved their warrior ability by displaying the scalps of their victims in their tents. But when E. W. Clark first brought the gospel to this region in 1872 they heard for the first time that there can be deliverance from fear and hope and peace in Jesus Christ. Great moves of God broke out in this region as one village after another turned to Jesus Christ. There have been subsequent revival movements in this region as recent as the 1950’s & 60s. The Naga people were transformed by the power of the gospel from “head hunters to church planters”…to this very day they are church planters all over Asia. I have encountered Naga missionaries in regions all over India, as well as in Nepal, and in Myanmar. MTM counts it a great honor and privilege to have a very small part in this rich missions heritage.


Where Is Nagaland, NE INDIA? 

Our final destination in Nagaland is Tening village, which is in the sub Himalayan region where it is extremely mountainous. Even the natives literally have termed this village “the ends of the earth”. The full team will be traveling by a jeep type vehicle for 5-6 hours to arrive at this village. There at Tening village MTM will be facilitating a pastoral leadership missions conference. The IGo students will be daily traveling to a different village and ministering to children and youth.

Nagaland Team

The Nagaland Ministry Team L-R, Joshua Slabaugh (IGo Student), Teresa Nisly (IGo Student), Austin Lapp (IGo Student), Barbara Lapp (IGo Student), Delmar Penner (IGo Student Alumni), Judy & Merle Flory (MTM Teacher), Naomi & Raymond Burkholder (MTM Teacher)

Thank you for your prayers as this ministry team ministers in Nagaland, India.

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