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From Vision To Reality

As supporters of MTM, we had a vision of traveling with an MTM team to a conference. While conversing with Raymond earlier this year we seen God open the door of this vision becoming a reality. October 5-14 found John & I traveling with the MTM ministry team to Dhading Nepal for a youth conference. We were challenged with the hunger and thirst these young people had for God’s Word. Many of them walked for 6 hours of steep rocky terrain from remote Himalayan mountain villages. Then they also needed to ride in a public bus for another 5 hours to arrive at Dhading where the conference was being conducted. There were 160 youth in attendance and they would sit 4-6 hours on the floor each day to hear the Bible teaching. Brother Raymond expounded on the life of David. David only had one passion and that was to know the heart of God. Raymond illustrated what this looks like with two different cups. One cup was filled with money, a small football and many other things of this world. The other cup was empty and then he poured water into it until it overflowed. The meaning was very clear that God fills empty vessels that seek to know his heart with full and overflowing of Himself as a means to bring living water to seek and save the lost.


The full MTM Ministry team L-R, David & Suzane Brown, Raymond & Naomi Burkholder, Paul Smucker from Brownsville, OR, Judy & John Weaver from Berlin, OH … back row center, Brent Boll & Stephen Burkholder

Paul Smucker was the second teacher. His first session was about following the commandments of Jesus. Jesus does not stop asking us to follow Him. He taught about the importance of relationships within the body of Christ. Loving & forgiving each another. Both brother Raymond and Paul stressed the importance of having peaceful relationships with parents as well as brothers and sisters. God will not do mighty things us if you do not have peace within your family relationships. Paul also emphasized the importance of honoring and obeying your parents. The words of David’s Psalm of thanksgiving come to my mind. “And he said, The Lord is my rock, and my fortress and my deliverer; The God of my rock; in Him will I trust; he is my shield, and the horn of my salvation, my high tower, and my refuge my Savior thou savest me from violence II Samuel 22:23. The cost of living in Asia is far below the American standard. The US dollar goes so much farther in Asia and is wisely used for the furtherance of God’s Kingdom through the ministry of MTM. We were blessed and encouraged to see how MTM is teaching sound, Biblical teaching to the Asian people. May God’s choicest blessing be upon IGo & MTM ministry.

Pokhara Nepal October 2014 362

We were also awe inspired to see the Himalayan mountain range.

Editors Note; The above article was written by John & Judy Weaver from Berlin Ohio in USA. John & Judy have been ongoing supporters of MTM for many years. A very special thank you to the Weavers for their much appreciated support of this ministry.

Wonder, Amazement & Lots Of Challenges

For months I had wondered what was going to happen at a youth conference in Nepal at which I had been asked to be a guest teacher. As my wife and I flew to Thailand, then as I flew to Kathmandu, Nepal, and then took a 4.5 hour bus trip to Dhading town, I kept asking God, “What do you want me to teach and how can I be effective in my teaching?” The 2 ½-day youth conference was attended by 160 youth who were dedicated followers of Jesus. Most of them were tribal, from villages up in the mountains. Some walked on trails for 6 hours and then rode vehicles for 6 hours to get to the conference. They were typical youth with typical things to learn. But they amazed me at how willing they were to sit on the floor for 1 1/2-hour teaching sessions, taking notes the whole time. Speaking through an interpreter, it was a little difficult at times to make sure I was connecting with their hearts.


 Dhading, Nepal  Himalayan Youth Conference Group 

The theme of the youth conference was Living for Jesus. I shared with them some of Jesus’s commands that were pertinent to young people. We show our love for Jesus by keeping his commands and I challenged the young people to follow these commands of Christ: Repent, Follow Jesus, Be Reconciled, Love Your Enemies, Honor Your Parents, and Do not Lust. Raymond shared with them from the life of David and challenged them to have a heart after God like David did. The youth conference was full of a lot of challenges for me and I thank God for his help and direction throughout the conference. A number of the youth responded during the final teaching session when Raymond challenged them to let God fill their lives and give them strength for living for Him. As the young people prayed and asked God to help and fill them, my heart was rejoicing that they understood how important it is to follow Jesus on his terms.

Editors Note; Brother Paul Smucker wrote the above article as his testimony after serving as a guest teacher with MTM in Nepal. Paul serves as pastor of the Brownsville Mennonite church from Brownsville Oregon in USA. A special thank you and may the Lord reward you openly for serving the Lord through MTM in Nepal.


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