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Double Mission Conferences In Assam State, NE INDIA

Macedonian Teaching Ministries conducted two pastoral missions training conferences in the state of Assam in northeast India from September 17-22, 2014. Linda and I had the opportunity of joining Raymond and Naomi Burkholder for this MTM ministry trip. Our coordinator was Pastor G. Khing and he also served as our interpreter in many of the sessions. The two conference locations were 1) in the village of Jongpha in the jungles of the Himalayan foothills and 2) on Majuli Island in the mighty Brahmaputra River. Majuli Island is the largest river island in the world with 452 square kilometers and a population of 200,000. Both places were unique.

The MTM Ministry Team L-R, Naomi & Raymond Burkholder, Pastor G Khing (Our native conference coordinator), Phil & Linda Beiler

Conference attendees ranged from 90 to 130 depending on time of day and location. They consisted of pastors and leaders many of which brought their wives. Other individuals attended as well. Whether in the jungle or on the river, we found attendees to be very open, attentive, and eager to hear the Word of God being taught. Their thirst for things of God made it easy to speak to them. I was inspired by their enthusiasm to be at the conferences in spite of difficulties like walking long distances, heavy rains, oppressive heat, or other things we would normally call obstacles. The sessions were interpreted into the respective tribal languages of the attendees. Even with some challenges relating to interpretation process we felt a rich common spirit with the audiences as we worshiped God together. Pastor G informed us that these were to be mission conferences. Thus we presented topics relating to that theme.

A highlight for me was their pertinent questions and discussions. This allowed me to know if and what they were thinking and many times was the key to connecting with their hearts. Their questions included the following. Who made Hell? Is palm reading wrong? Why did God allow the devils to enter into the pigs? Why does God allow Satan to tempt people? Should we resist Satan in every service? Should we speak loud or soft when we do? Why should we verbally resist Satan in Jesus’ name if He is present in our life and He is greater than Satan? Why did God allow Satan to tempt Job and kill his children and destroy his health and properties even if he was sanctifying his children everyday? What is the difference between evangelizing and NT prophecy? Do we have the Holy Spirit if we don’t prophecy and speak in tongues? What if the prayer house (separate worship house especially for prayer) is more important than gathering for the church service? Some of these folks have small prayer houses outside of their church houses where you can meet to pray. At times this becomes a mark of “holy pride.”. Should denominations allow pastors to preach in each others’ churches? What is the problem? All their questions were very good.

The Jongpha Village Missions Conference Group

On Majuli Island the local Catholic priest attended and gave his blessing and encouragement. He had encouraged his people to be there as well. There were confessions and new commitments made at the conferences. We pray for God to grow the fruit. It is safe to say that the people we spoke to and fellowship-ed with inspired us more than we inspired them. We praise God for what he is doing in northeast India and pray for the gospel to continue to shine through the believers there.

The Majuli Island Missions Conference Group

Editor’s Note; Brother Philip Beiler is an ordained minister at Pequea Amish Mennonite church in Lancaster County Pennsylvania, USA. Phil & Linda and their family have also served 10 years in Romania with CAM teaching ministry. A very special thank you to Phil and Linda for serving the Lord through MTM. 

Click Here For A Picture Tour Of MTM Double Missions Conferences In Assam State Of  NE INDIA

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