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From July 24th to August 7th two different MTM teaching teams will be on the Gospel discipleship road following the commands of Jesus in making disciples of all nations. These two teaching teams will be in two different countries in total different regions of Asia. This gives some definition to the uttermost parts of the earth for MTM.

 The Flory MTM Teaching Team; Merle & Judy Flory,  Jane & Curt Wagoner from West Alexandria, Ohio

The Flory MTM teaching team will be traveling to Dhangadhi, in far western Nepal, July 24th unto August 4th. This is the first time that MTM is conducting a pastoral training conference in this remote region of  far western Nepal. Our native coordinators are projecting 200 pastoral leaders will be attending the conference.

The Burkholder MTM Teaching Team; Val & Barb Yoder, Naomi & Raymond Burkholder

The Burkholder MTM teaching team will be traveling to an undisclosed country. Due to security issues and gospel restrictions we are not revealing where this is. The dates are July 30th unto August 7th.

Specific Prayer Requests

1) Flight connections & safety for the teams

2) Divine protection and that the eyes of authorities would be blinded for the team that will be ministering within a restricted country.

3) Health for the teaching teams

4) Demonstrate the beauty of Holiness as Jesus Christ is exalted

5) Overflowing grace on the teachers, translators and attendees

6) Humility and Christ likeness in every motive

7) Jesus would increase while the teaching teams would decrease

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