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JUNE 30 – JULY 2, 2014

Where is Kalaw, MYANMAR

MTM has conducted numerous pastoral leadership conferences in Myanmar in the past six years. Blessed be God for the continued open door of opportunity to serve His Church in Myanmar. Lord willing, on June 26th, the MTM team will travel from Chiang Mai, Thailand, to Yangon, Myanmar. The conference is to be held in Kalaw, about a one hour flight north of Yangon, starting June 30th.

Kalaw MTM Ministry Team L-R, John & Debbie Rumble, Judy & Merle Flory

Merle and Judy Flory along with guests, John and Debbie Rumble from Sunnyside, Washington, will make up this MTM ministry team. Please uphold John and Merle as they encourage the Church in a land that is only 8.7% Christian.

Specific Prayer Needs

• The team’s safety and health as they travel

• The native coordinator and his family as they stretch to accommodate this conference

• The native translators as they take the teaching from English to their native tongue

• The Word to strengthen believer’s facing layers of pagan superstitions and occult practices. The attendees to leave with a passion to strengthen believers and win their unreached to Christ

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