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MTM Himalayan Bible School

Over the past number of years MTM has hosted numerous pastoral leadership conferences in Nepal. Several years ago a number of the Nepalese pastors began to request extended Biblical discipleship teaching, something more than just a yearly 5 day conference. Therefore the concept of a MTM Himalayan Bible School (HBS) was birthed. Then in June of 2013 a HBS committee was formed in Nepal to work on facilitating a three week Himalayan Bible School in 2014. This committee has labored diligently and MTM will be hosting its first three week Bible school in Kathmandu, Nepal, April 8-25, 2014. The HBS committee is projecting we will have 20+ pastors and church leaders attending from all over Nepal.

HBS will be teaching three different subjects by three different teachers. Brother Merle Flory will be teaching “ Biblical Foundations For Church Life”. Brother Mark will be serving as a guest teacher. He is formally from Alaska but is presently serving as a missionary in Asia. He will be teaching “Start Well & Finish Strong” Brother Raymond Burkholder will be teaching “Kingdom Theology”. All teaching will be translated into the Nepalese language by native interpreters. Please be in prayer for the multiple dynamics of a cross cultural Bible school. Thank you for your much appreciated prayers.

 Specific Prayer Requests

1) That God would grace this event with his divine presence

2) For the HBS teachers (spiritual gifts to minister cross culturally)

3) The Nepalese pastors as they make many sacrifices to be away from home and their ministries for three weeks.

4) Health and strength for the HBS teaching team as we adapt to another culture and foods for three weeks.

5) The Nepalese interpreters (the spiritual gift of tongues)

6) The HBS committee as they give direction and leadership to the day by day activities of the event.

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