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God Calls MTM Unto Death As A Means Of Life Unto Others

It was the apostle Paul who wrote under the inspiration of God’s Spirit that as we are always delivered unto death for Jesus sake that therein Jesus is made manifest in our mortal flesh. What God is really saying is that as we die to self we bring the life of Jesus unto others. II Corinthians 4:10-12

The beginning of 2014 for MTM has had some unexpected deaths appointed by God for us. First Merle & Judy as well as Naomi & I were planing to travel together to Himachal Pradesh to facilitate a pastoral leadership conference there. Just days before our departure Merle’s mother passed away and Merles needed to travel back to America for her funeral. Thus Naomi & I facilitated this conference without Merle’s.  The next pastoral conference scheduled for MTM is March 1-10 in Sonapur which is in Orissa state of India. Orissa state of India is the darkest state to the gospel in all of India. 


Where Is Sonapur In Orissa State Of India

More death in the dreams and vision we had for MTM. I came back from Himachal Pradesh a rather sick person with a serous lung infection. I have been under a doctors care since then and it is very obvious that I need to stay at home and spend some additional time recuperating before heading out on the discipleship road again.  Thus I am not going to Orissa state for this conference in a week.

Merle & Judy will need to facilitate this one with out me. This most certainly is another death for me and I know it is also a death for Merle & Judy. Since we were not able to work together at the Himachal Pradesh conference we were really looking forward to that blessing for this upcoming Orissa conference. But Merle & I full well understand this is Jesus way to bring life unto others as we die to our own lives as well as our dreams and visions. Just as God did exciting things among the attendees in Himachal Pradesh, I know that God will do it again in Orissa state of India. It truly is in our great weakness that God becomes our strength. Please do be in prayer for Merle & Judy as they travel to Orissa for this upcoming MTM conference. At this point it looks like brother Merle will need to be doing all the teaching for the five day conference. PLEASE DO PRAY FOR MERLE & JUDY !!! 1) Pray specifically for their spiritual protection. 2) Pray especially for their physical health. 3) Pray that the Lord would put his hand upon Merle as he teaches each session. 4) Pray for their safety and protection  as they travel by air and car to reach their destination. 5) Pray for wisdom for Merle as he leads out in this MTM conference.     



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