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MTM Is Deeply Indebted To God As Well As You Our Faithful Supporters

A very special thank you to all of you who uphold this ministry in prayer and financial support as we come to the close of another year. MTM is a faith based ministry and it is only because of your ongoing support that MTM can continue to disciple and train native church leaders as a means to reach the unreached for Christ of this world.

MTM has just completed two conferences back to back in Andrah Pradesh state of India. Most every day from November 28th to December 14th the MTM ministry team was teaching a leadership conference as well as traveling to remote villages and preaching the gospel and encouraging the Christians who are in these remote tribal villages. Some of these remote tribal villages are unreached for the gospel. Evangelist meetings were impromptu as these village folks would come together to see these white people who were the first to ever come to their village. At one village the question was ask if they ever heard the name of Jesus. All the children responded that they never heard the name of Jesus. One adult said they heard the name before but had no idea who Jesus is. What a privilege to be the first ones to preach the gospel to the unreached tribal people of this village. At another remote tribal village we assisted the native local pastor in a baptism. We walked through rice fields as well as down a small mountain path to a spring fed stream. The processional included a small group of believers as well as village folks and the MTM ministry team. What a joy to get into the mountain spring fed stream and help the local missionary pastor baptize 12 new believers. At the Chinthaluru village pastors conference there were 200 attendees. Most all of them are laboring to take the gospel to these remote tribal villages. This is what MTM is all about.

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 After the conference at Chintaluru MTM traveled to Hyderabad and on to Ieeja village where MTM conducted another pastorals leadership conference. This conference was a partnership with Good Life Ministries (GLM) and Sam & Becca Gunti. Our average attendance was 300 church leaders. Two different evenings after the days teaching at the conference we traveled to a distant village where we conducted evangelistic meetings. This was the first time Good Life Ministries conducted evangelistic meetings at this village. The attendance of these village folks and the hunger for the gospel message was a tremendous blessing. They sat out in the cold under the big tent cross legged on the ground until midnight to hear the gospel message preached. The response to the gospel message was truly overwhelming. In two different services in the same village there were 122 first time commitments to Jesus Christ. Blessed be God !!!

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The year of 2013 was another tremendous year for MTM … Blessed be God !!! MTM facilitated 9 different pastoral leadership conferences in the countries of Vietnam, Egypt, Nepal, India & Myanmar (Burma). The average attendance per conference was approximately 125 leaders. MTM helps the native coordinators with the expenses of these conferences. This includes bus fares for the attendees to attend the conference. If we would not assist with these expenses most all the leaders could not attend the conferences. They do not own cars or motorcycles. Most do not even own a bicycle. These costs also include the expenses for the food, tea and snacks for the duration of the conference. The average cost per conference for these expenses for 2013 was $2630.00. We are overwhelmed with gratefulness to our blessed God as well as you our faithful supporters. MTM was blessed with more than sufficient funds to facilitate all these conferences expenses.

 Looking ahead to 2014. The years schedule is already fully packed out with 10 different conferences scheduled. But still there remain more un-accommodated request than those which are accommodated. Merle & Judy Flory have come on the MTM team as full time staff serving in the role of assistant director. The first part of the new year Merle will be in training as he travels with Raymond to the many different conferences serving as a teacher. Some where in the process of the 2014 year MTM will begin to simultaneously host two teaching teams traveling to different countries at the same time. Raymond will continue to give leadership to one team while Merle also leads another team. As this develops we will be adding many more conferences to the 2014 schedule.


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