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Recent & Upcoming Events

MTM Assistant Director

Merle & Judy Flory 

Merle & Judy Flory Arrived In Thailand October 6th to serve as assistant director with MTM. A very special welcome from MTM to Merle & Judy Flory.

David & Suzane Wedding In Phulbani, INDIA

David Brown & Suzane Digel

 Naomi & I had the very special privelege to travel to Phulbani, (Orissa State) of India for David & Suzane’s wedding October 16th. Please click the link below for many more wedding Pictures

David & Suzane Wedding Pictures With Captions


MTM Leadership Conference In Myitkyina, MYANMAR

October 24th to November 3rd MTM will be conducting a leadership conference in Northern Myanmar. Brother Val Yoder will be serving as the guest teacher with MTM. His wife Barb will also be traveling with the ministry team. There will also be 5 IGo students serving as part of the ministry team.

 Teaching I Corinthians … Sixth Term At IGo 

November 4-22, 2013

Back Row: Caleb Mast, Zach Schrock, Clinton Weaver, Lanus Dueck, Joe Friesen, Jared Martin, Tim Rife, Jethro Nolt, Zach Miller. Third Row: Sandra Mast, Carolyn Roth, Lori Hershberger, Diana Martin, Joy Cressman, Cherie Barkman, Lynita Beachy, Noel Mast, Ericka Glick, Sarah Good, Maria Ranck. Second Row: Twila Weaver, Julie Meyers, Jennifer Weaver, Laura Martin, Brenda Clugston, Sarah Jantzi, Maribeth Herr, Alisha Rutt. Front Row: David Yoder, Nathan King, John Yoder, Joel Wagler, Brendan Miller, Charles Burkholder




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