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Canadian Ministry Trip Update


Naomi and myself will be traveling to Canada for a ministry trip August 18 to September 5, 2013. We will be flying to Winnipeg and all of our ministry will be in Western Ontario as well as in Manitoba. This will include the Northern Youth Programs (NYP) Missions conference at Dryden, Ontario August 22-25 as well as weekend meetings at InterLake  Mennonite Fellowship, Orborg, Manitoba August 31 to September 2.  I will also be doing MTM Public Relations presentations at numerous churches in Manitoba. Click here to see a full schedule.  Be sure to scroll further down the MTM Schedule page to see the full schedule of this ministry trip.



The NYP Missions Conference Was Conducted At Beaver Lake, Ontario, Canada 

 All our flights from Chiang Mai, Thailand to Winnipeg, Canada were mostly uneventful …other that 19-20 hours of flying time. Upon our arrival in Winnipeg we rented a car and found a hotel to get a good nights sleep in a bed (airplane sleep time is good but it just is not the same as sleeping horizontally in a bed. The next day we drove the four hours from Winnipeg to Dryden where Northern Youth Programs is located. The NYP missions conference was conducted at Beaver Lake. This missions conference was an event where all the NYP missionaries come together from their many different mission posts in the north-land. The Believers Fellowship missionaries from Sioux Lookout also join the NYP missionaries for this event. It is a very special time for these front line workers for God’s Kingdom who work with the north-land aboriginal people.  Naomi & I were tremendously blessed to be a part of this very special event.

Naomi & I arrived a day or two ahead of the time the NYP Missions Conference began. We spent this time with Merle & Edith Burkholder at Sioux Lookout.  Brother Merle is our IGo board chairman. Brother Merle has traveled with me to Bhutan as well as Myanmar as a guest teacher for MTM. Brother Merle also teaches at our IGo Bible Institute bi-annual. Now it was my turn to travel with him….and thus I did. Needless to say we had a great time together. Be sure to click on the link below for many photos of our north-land adventures and ministry.


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