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To God be the Glory, for His faithfulness!

Merle & Judy Flory

Editors Note; Merle & Judy traveled from Ellensburg, WA to serve as a guest teacher with MTM in Kathmandu, Nepal. Later this year (October) Merle & Judy will be moving to Chiang Mai, Thailand and Merle will be serving as assistant director of MTM. Brother Merle has 30 years of ministerial expertise as well as cross-cultural teaching experience. Most of all Merle’s heart beats for the Lord and the Nations. MTM WELCOMES YOU IN ADVANCE. Please do hurry back !!! The following article was written by brother Merle.

The Full Nepal Ministry Team

Front Row, L-R; Alisha Rutt (IGo Student), Sandra & Caleb Mast. Caleb is standing behind Sandra (IGo Students), Laura Martin (IGo Student). Back Row, L-R; Raymond & Naomi Burkholder, Marilyn King. Judy & Merle Flory, Rosa King & Rachel King. Rosa, Marilyn & Rachel were representing IGo Ransom Ministry and were teaching a young ladies class.

“Foundations” is the word that is ringing in my mind this morning one day after the conference. The first foundation was squarely laid and labeled, God in marriage.  This foundation gave support for the building of other messages on the Christian Home.  By starting with a foundation that was so obvious, it brought “buy in” for both the married and the single leaders that were present.  Cultural and so called Christian norms of divorce and remarriage were exposed to God’s hatred.  When Biblical explanation was given to the exception clause in Mt 19:9, it brought responses like “we have never heard this taught before”.  Husbands were exhorted to love their wives as Christ loved the Church.  At one point, Brother Raymond asked the wives if this was the kind of husband they wanted, and I think every hand went up.  Wives were taught by God’s Word to reverence their husbands as the Church does Christ.  Going deeper than just respect, brought a clear picture to the men as to the kind of wife they desired as well.  By the third day, every one could see where these messages were going.  It was like a big gospel net had been spread, and by now we were all in it.  The family is God’s heart for spreading the Kingdom of Jesus Christ on this earth.  Whose idea is it to limit family size?  Is it culture or God, Raymond asked, and the people said, “culture.”  Who is the giver of children?  Several times the room went silent and Brother Raymond would have to say, “hello?”   Be fruitful, let God multiply the arrows for the battle against the kingdom of darkness:  more arrows to spread the Gospel across the street, city, country, or globe.  Some hands- on training was given on clear steps of loving discipline needed in shaping our arrows, so they can go out with a broken will under the leadership of the King of Kings.

The Full MTM Conference Group

The second foundation squarely laid was labeled:   Complete surrender to Jesus Christ.   From this foundation other messages were built, with the overall theme of Ministering in the power of the Holy Spirit.  The goal is to prepare the ministry for Kingdom involvement.  Ministers were pointed to Christ’s teachings for doctrine and to the Holy Spirit for power.   Warnings were given about just standing gazing when there is work to be done.  At one point the Nepali brethren shared several ways of preparation for kingdom involvement:   1) prayer, 2) waiting for proper timing, 3) confidence in calling, 4) surrender,  5) a servant’s heart,  6) knowing the Word of God.   Ministering in the power of the Spirit means walking in the Spirit.  A demonstration was given of how walking in the Spirit binds the hands of the flesh.  The same thing is true when walking in the flesh,  we bind the hands of the Spirit.

Brother Raymond pulled all the teaching together in the last session of the conference by camping on Isaiah 44:3-5.  God’s heart here is to pour His Spirit on those that thirst for Him.  He will pour His Spirit on our children and they shall spring up as willows among the water courses.  This brought the foundations together in one building.  The foundation of God in marriage and the seed produced by the family is now ready to be watered by the ministry of the Holy Spirit as we thirst for Him.  Jesus builds His church on this earth in 2 ways:   1) Evangelizing in the power of the Holy Spirit, and 2) through the Godly family, the “church in our house”.

These folks are so precious.   At one point I told Raymond, “Some of them are just like sponges, they are soaking up every drop of the Gospel”.  Praise God for the Work of His Spirit!

Merle and Judy Flory


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