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Our Full MTM Conference Group In Kathmandu, Nepal

Reflections From the MTM Leadership Conference in Kathmandu, Nepal (June 28-July 3rd, 2012) … Written By Merle Flory

Spending five days with Brother Raymond Burkholder from MTM , plus IGO & Ransom Ministry teams and Lindford and Kay Bontrager in Kathmandu, will impact me eternally.

The MTM Teaching Team – L-R; Rosa King, Kay & Linford Bontrager, RKB, Merle & Judy Flory and Naomi Swarey. Rosa and Naomi represent IGo-Ransom Ministries.

Also Part of This Ministry Team Were IGo Students On Ministry Trips – L-R Back Row; Judith Schlabach, Brian Shirk, Justin Hoover and Katelyn Dye. Front Row – Allison Weber and Noel Mast. Absent from this picture is Matt Musser.

This was called an “Anabaptist Conference” by special request of the Nepal native coordinator, Peter Rai. As Peter explained to his Pastors at the end of the conference, “we have had MTM for the last 2 years bring us revival meetings, this time we wanted to go deeper”. I will assure you they were not disappointed. Brother Raymond and Brother Linford took God’s Word and those pastors on a journey together to a whole new depth of understanding. Every day as they were preaching, I could hear and see one word in bold letters, PRACTICAL! From God’s Word, the Brethren taught what 2-kingdom truth of Jesus looked like in shoe leather. The New Testament principles of Brotherhood, Suffering love, Modest apparel, God’s headship order, including the sister’s glory veil, warnings against worldly wealth and modern technology were laid out very passionately, hour after hour. After the session on modesty and adornment, focused toward the sisters, Bro. Raymond gave the men an opportunity to stand to their feet in approval to the Biblical principle, and that they are willing to support them in this walk. I am pleased to share with you that every man but one, was on their feet. Several came forward and gave testimony to the scriptural teachings and their passion to embrace them. To God be the glory!

Both the boldness and humility demonstrated by Bro. Raymond and his IGO/Ransom team reminded me of our Lord Jesus who taught us to esteem others better than ourselves. Brother Raymond told Linford and myself before the conference started that we will learn many things from these dear Nepali brethren. His prophesy came true in many ways. One was when a group of their Elders opened up their hearts to us about what could have been a misunderstanding in our teaching. They demonstrated to us more about brotherhood in 30 minutes than I think we taught them in 5 days. We literally watched God come down and stamp his name all over this conference in the last 30 minutes. No man on earth could have planned it or put it together. I would say in parting with the Nepali elders, we were standing on Holy Ground and that the glory of the Lord filled the house of God. As God gave us an opportunity to humble ourselves before them and gave us the grace to embrace that humility, we became a band of men that I believe will impact the world and our churches for eternity.

It is a blessing to watch Brother Raymond put others out front of him, training both young men and other Pastors like myself, how to be the hands and feet of Jesus to the world.

In closing, I would say, at this MTM conference among our Nepali brethren, we found faith kind of like Paul found at Rome. Faith that is worthy to be spoken of throughout the world. Like Paul in Romans 1:8, I want to say it like he did, ” FIRST, I thank my God through Jesus Christ for them all.” That means to God be the Glory both now and forever, wherever He is allowing weak men like ourselves to labor in His ripe fields. Thank you, Jesus.

Merle & Judy Flory, Ellensburg, Washington

 The Following Article Was Written By Rosa King & Naomi Swarey From IGo-Ransom Ministries

A brightly colored tent with a small number of girls under it, this was the opportunity that God gave to us in Nepal… the opportunity to teach young girls what God has taught us about how He wants His daughters to live. A highlight of this conference was partnering with Raymond in teaching, building on what he taught and hearing him confirm what we were teaching, as he shared on the role of women in God’s headship order.

As usual, on these trips there is a great need for flexibility, and we experienced God’s hand at work as we surrendered the schedule to Him… taking one session at a time and trusting Him to show us what/when He wanted us to teach next. God’s guidance and work in the girls’ lives was especially evident as He led both of us (and also Noel Mast, one of the IGo students) to share the testimony of God’s grace and redemption in our lives.

The Following Article Was Written By Linford & Kay Bontrager

There really is no way to sum up our experience in Nepal. This was our first time to participate in an MTM Conference. The Lord Jesus was sweetly in our midst and we all were richly blessed. Praise the Lord! It was a blessing to have IGO students along. They added a rich dimension to the ministry and fellowship. Their quality of behavior and character spoke volumes.

God orchestrated an amazing time for the MTM team. Merle and Judy Flory from the state of Washington, who we had never seen before, were wonderful in being used of the Lord to teach at the conference and minister to the team. The teaching sessions of the conference were shared by brother Merle, brother Raymond, and myself with my wife at my side giving wonderful support. Raymond gave us rich spiritual leadership helping us to connect to each other and to the Great Shepherd of the sheep. The presence of the Holy Spirit made all the difference.

Subjects taught included but not exclusively: Brotherhood, Two kingdom principle, Suffering Love, Non-accumulation, anti-covetousness and greed, Contentment, God’s headship order, and the Separation principle,non-conformity, and modesty. Peter Rai, the Nepalese coordinator, specifically asked for these subjects to be taught. It was a first of it’s kind for MTM.

Ministry leaders, pastors, and others were gathered together worshipping and taking in the word of God with great joy. The Nepalese people’s passion, zeal, and commitment to evangelization is remarkable! We as westerners can learn much from them. God is doing a work in their lives. Many must count the high cost of becoming a Christian. Several, I learned of, lost large amounts of properties when they converted to Christianity, especially those who left a Hindu heritage where their father or themselves were a priest in the Hindu temple or if they came from a royal line. Baptism seals their commitment and identification with God’s people and the way of truth; they are committed to the cause of Christ. They are hungry to learn more of God’s ways and how to practically live out Biblical principles. The good that came out of this conference we pray will be multiplied and bear much fruit for the kingdom of God.

These dear people are on the very front of the front lines. They are serving in oppression and poverty. They are taking the gospel not to exciting frontiers, but to their very own people. The vision of MTM is to train and equip native leaders, who have no chance to attend seminary, to go and reach their own people. Some of the attendees traveled long distances. There were several from the foot of the Himalayan mountain range who were referred to as “cavemen”. They live in caves coming from the low caste of Hindi system. One of them, Kumar, brought several others along that he is mentoring who are young pastors in surrounding unreached people in his area.

We praise God for the privilege to have been involved in this part of global missions. God is raising up a bride for Himself from all tribes and people groups of the world. He is being glorified presently, but will in a much greater way be glorified when His beautiful, spotless, pure, and multi cultured bride will be joined together to Him. We are looking forward to seeing these dear people in glory if not on this side again. Thank you Lord Jesus!

Linford & Kay Bontrager, Goshen, IN

Editors Note; A very special thank you to each teacher and IGo student who made this MTM conference a great blessing. We have observed time and again that our witness for Jesus Christ is greatly multiplied when we take young people with us who are living demonstrations what we older teachers are teaching. This truly was the case with this conference. Blessed be God !!!  


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