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The Full Ministry Team Along With The Native Brothers & Sisters Who Hosted The MTM Conference in Nawanshahr, India

The IGo-MTM Ministry Team. All in the back row L-R, Katelyn Dye (second from the left), Abbie Weaver (third from the left), Ryan Miller (seventh from the left), Timothy Martin (eighth from the left), Elizabeth Myers (nineth from the left), Lou Ann Martin (tenth from the left).  Missing on this picture is Rosa King. These are all IGo students and they were partnering with MTM in ministry in Chandigarh India.

Front Row; Clarence Miller from Millersburg, Ohio who served as a guest teacher for MTM (fifth from the left), Lee & Joyce Mummau (sixth & seventh from the left) served as the team leader & teacher for MTM. After my father in-law suddenly passed away, Lee volunteered to take my place while we traveled to America for the funeral. Read the post below for more about that story.

The Article Below was Written By Brother Clarence Miller.

Chandigarh activities Wednesday May 23 -May 27 Sunday noon, 2012

The IGo Team consisted of Ryan Miller , Team Leader, Tim Martin, Luanne Martin, Kaitlyn Dye, Abigail Weaver, and Elizabeth Myers. Rosa King represented the Ransom Ministry and the MTM teachers were Clarence Miller, Sharon Mennonite Church, Sugarcreek, Ohio, and Lee Mummau, IGO, Chiang Mai, Thailand. Lee’s wife, Joyce was along as well.

We arrived in Chandigarh, Northern India on Wednesday noon May 23. We were met at the airport by Pardeep Kumar and his brother, Sandeep. They had us help out in the work of Sandeep’s church in the city starting Wednesday evening through Sunday Morning May 23-27. We went to poor churches in the area, participated in Bible study and also in their Sunday morning service. We were expected to be able to share something when called upon. Pastor Sandeep, his wife Achila and his church staff spend much time and effort in ministry in Chandigarh.

The Nawanshahr Punjab India Conference Monday, May 28 – Thursday Noon May 30, 2012.

Sunday afternoon we were taken by van on a 2 hour trip to Nawanshahr where the conference was held. The IGo, MTM and Ransom Teams all stayed at the Hotel Paris on the outskirts of Nawanshahr. We were told it was the only hotel in town. It was very modern, somewhat expensive and had several floors including an elevator and good air conditioning. We were very grateful for this, with the heat.

The team was transported by van on a 10 minute trip from the hotel to the conference at the Transfiguration Anglican Church in town. Pastor Eleazer ,a friend of Pardeep’s, is serving there. He is tall and is a very energetic, flamboyant individual with long flowing hair and full beard and mustache. He, his pastors and the volunteers did a fine job of showing us hospitality and respect. We all felt very welcome there.

There were 140 pastors and women registered. Some brought their children. It was very warm, reaching over 105 degrees. Pardeep Kumar-our coordinator, did all the interpreting with the exception of ½ of an evening. He has a wonderful ability to see where your thoughts are leading. He made it very easy to speak. Pardeep had just come off an 8 day crusade in Central India a week before the conference. He said he was pretty tired from that. In spite of that he seemed tireless! He was also prompt, respectful, and a true servant to us. He arranged for our transportation, our motels, and exchanged money for us. He really did a great job of looking out for our wants and needs. His wife Sashi was along also. They are a very special couple, and are very free in showing their affection for each other. She was able to interpret for the IGo team in their women’s and children’s classes.

Breakfast was served 8:30 AM at the conference. There were 2 morning sessions, Lunch at 1:00 to 1:20. A 2 hour break from 2 to 4 and 1 session after the break towards evening. Lee and Clarence took turns teaching the 3 sessions during the day. Clarence taught on some of the incidents on the Life of David and gave an introduction to Philippians. Lee taught Hebrews- on the superiority of Jesus Christ. 6:30PM was open meeting time when non registered people also attended . These meetings were evangelistic. Over 350 attended Wednesday evening. Lee Mummau preached these messages Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday evening. There were numerous responses his messages on bitterness, forgiveness and salvation. Dinner was then served after the evening meetings sometimes after 9:00. This made for late evenings.

One part of the Wednesday evening Service was used to honor the teams. Pastor Eleazer was in charge and Pardeep interpreted. He gave each of us a small trophy from the church in appreciation for our being there. He also mentioned that other stateside people come to their area. One difference with our group versus these other groups was that we did not use hand cleanser every time we shook hands like they do! And we also gave genuine hugs of friendship. This was a great blessing to hear.

The pastors and their families came from the surrounding towns and cities. Some used their own vehicles. But many came with public transportation: by bus or train. Many of the pastors have full time deliverance and healing ministries. They will go and preach in unreached areas. A miraculous healing often takes place or they will cast out demons in Jesus’ Name in a small service. Word of this spreads and curious onlookers come and hear the message of Christ’s love for them. People become saved and churches are started. One of the pastors started out by showing the Jesus film, he is now also an evangelist. One pastor remarked that a lot of their messages are from the Gospels.

There was a very energetic praise and worship time at the beginning of each session. Gopal Masih and his family from nearby Ludhiana were in charge of this. The heat did not deter people from being very enthusiastic. As in other parts of Indian Christian Worship the music and singing was at full volume! The team along with Pardeep Kumar and his wife Sashi left for Chandigarh Thursday afternoon after lunch. We arrived in Chandigarh at 5:00 in the evening. We all flew out of the Chandigarh airport on Friday morning June 1.

I am thankful I had the opportunity to go on this trip. It was a journey of faith for me and a commitment to the Lord. I knew the heat would be bad and I certainly wasn’t taken by surprise at the furnace like quality of the air. The humidity was low. The church was not air conditioned but had over 20 fans running that made it somewhat bearable! I was not aware that Bro Raymond would not be making this trip until I landed at the Chiang Mai, Thailand airport. Both Raymond and Lee met me there and told me about the death of Raymond’s father in law; that he, Naomi, and Jana would be flying to Lancaster PA on Monday evening instead of flying to Chandigarh, India! He did say that Lee volunteered to take his place but were not sure if their Indian Visas would come through in time. If Lee’s visa did not go through, I was to do the conference by myself!

I was very relieved and happy and thank the Lord that Brother Lee’s visa came through in a timely fashion and that he was able to go in place of Raymond. I believe it was a direct answer to prayer. Lee and Joyce provided very good leadership for us. Lee’s outgoing friendliness paved the way for us in building beautiful cross cultural relationships. It was good to see how brothers and sisters of another culture and people group work in building the Lord’s kingdom. New friendships were made which I will treasure. It was a blessing to see the IGO team at work! They did very well in their activities and made many new friends including the children. They are a gifted group and worked well with each other. May the Lord receive all honor and the glory.

EDITORS NOTE; The above article was written by brother Clarence Miller from Millersburg, Ohio. Brother Clarence serves on the ledership team of Sharon Conservative Mennonite Church at Belin, Ohio. Brother Clarence willingly volunteered at a very short notice of time to come and serve as a MTM teacher. This was after another brother, who was planning to come, had to cancel due to the illness of his father. Thank you so much brother Clarence for being available to serve the Lord in this way. May the Lord reward you openly for your labor of love unto the nations.

The Full Nawanshahr, India MTM Conference Group 



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