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Paralakhemundi (Orissa State), India Full MTM Conference Group

Our trip to India was an amazing journey with God! We shared in Paralekhemundi, Orissa, and then again in Port Blair, Andaman/Nicobar Islands. In both places we continued to hear the same things. “Your teaching is so different.”

In Port Blair, the Christians number about 20% of the population. They say they have many conferences, and were about to cancel the MTM conference because MTM was new to them, they didn’t know us, and also because they had so many other conferences scheduled. The Indian contact that set up the conference was from Orissa, so they didn’t know him either. He persisted when they called him to cancel. He told them our teaching is very different. They decided to go ahead with a 2 day conference.

When we arrived, we could tell they were very skeptical. They told us they had checked out MTM and IGo on the internet to make sure we had no false doctrine. They had scheduled a 2 day conference Tuesday and Wednesday. As God would have it, there was a monthly pastors meeting on Monday. Approximately 40 pastors would be there. They asked if we would share a message at that meeting. We did. Immediately we heard comments that “This is very different teaching.” And they wanted to hear more. Tuesday arrived, and we weren’t sure what to expect. There were approximately 60 pastors that attended. Again we heard the same comments. “This teaching is very different!”

Wednesday came, and Raymond and I were both very pressed in how to share so much material in 4 – 1hour sessions. The time for the conference to end was 1:30 in the afternoon because some would have to go to the schools and pick up their children, others had job commitments and all would want to eat lunch! As is normal in India, we started an hour late, which compounded the problem. We taught as fast as we could! But we did not finish until 3PM. No one left! In fact they continued to come AFTER 1:30. By the end of the conference there were more than 70 in attendance. So many of the church leaders blessed us, asked for prayer, and invited us to come to the islands again. Over and over they commented. “We have had much teaching, many conferences but nothing like this.” Our Orissa brother told us that it is unheard of for the men to stay past 1:30! He said it is a miracle!! We give God Praise!

Andaman Nicobar Islands (Port Blair) MTM Pastors Conference Group

Raymond taught on “The Ministry of the Holy Spirit.” A truly Biblical perspective of WHY God has given us the Holy Spirit, and WHAT God wants to do through the Holy Spirit. Not the signs and wonders that many are teaching today. As one Indian pastor said from Port Blair, “Many come advertising their names, healing, miracles and deliverance, but you came and gave us the Gospel.” He continued to say, ” Those people follow the things that are supposed to follow them but they preach NO gospel at all.”

I taught on “A Glimpse of the Heart of God for You.” We examined the Scriptures and discovered God’s heart’s desire revealed from Genesis to Revelation. Most Christians today are only concerned about the blessing and the promises that we have in the Bible, never considering, never seeing, our responsibility to be vessels through which God’s heart’s desire would be accomplished. Again, they responded that they have never seen these things before.

I am aware that there are those reading this newsletter who may not be of Anabaptist persuasion. God bless you. But to those of you who are Anabaptist, I want to say this: Raymond and I finally asked our Orissa brother who accompanied us. “Why do people continue to tell us that our teaching is different? What are they hearing from others?” His answer confirmed that the Anabaptist desire to live out in a literal way, the teachings of the Bible, and this is what the young churches on that side of the world are hungering for. From the US and UK, they are being taught a different Gospel than what they are reading in their Bibles. When they heard the things (that we often take for granted) it connected in their hearts with what they understand the Bible to teach. And they are hungry for more.

Brothers and sisters, this is our time. This is our open door. If you can’t go, please help someone who is willing to go. Because of you, IGo and MTM exist. And because of you, there are church leaders all over Orissa, India, and throughout Port Blair in the Andaman/Nicobar Islands, who are more determined to not expose their congregations to “strange fire.” To God alone be the Glory. Rejoice with us for the Great things God has done. – Collier Berkshire

Editors Note; Collier Berkshire & his wife Nettie and his family live in northern Indiana, USA. He serves on the ministry team at Sandy Ridge Mennonite church at Plymouth, Indiana. In the past he has also served with IGo here in Chiang Mai, Thailand. Presently he is also serving on the stateside IGo board. May God reward you openly my dear brother for serving the Lord with IGo-MTM.

Pastor Subodh Bardham’s Testimony of MTM

I am very happy and thankful to my Lord Jesus Christ for the MTM program. For His wonderful ministers, Raymond & Collier, whom God really Anointed with the Holy Ghost and filled with the His true knowledge of Word of God.

Really we have been very much blessed through your teaching on Holy Ghost and Heart of God for the Nation. It was very much new and challenging teaching for the ministers of God here in India. After conference over, many of the Pastor, Evangelist and Church leaders gave thanks to God and for your teaching as they said it is different teaching than others do. MTM Teaching is very much needed in our ministry and day today life to equip and mobilize our own people those who have not received yet to Jesus Christ as their Lord and personal saviour in their life and to make them disciple of Jesus Christ to extend His kingdom.

We thank God very much for His wonderful plan for the people of India and also we are very much thankful to Raymond and Pastor Collier for to come here and did the very unique teaching ministry here in Paralakhemundi, Orissa and Andaman Nicobar Island Port Blair.

This is my prayer to God and request to you please pray and try for next year to conduct the program continually here in Orissa, India for the glory of God to extend His kingdom. Our people are really thirsty for the word of God so they need your teaching program help. Please pray for my family and ministry. Thank your for your love and prayer.

May the Lord Jesus Christ Bless you and MTM. Thanks

Pastor Subodh Kumar Bardhan
Sundargarh Orissa.


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