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High Time For An Update – MTM To Hyderabad, India

I am sorry that an update has been long over due. Upon my return from the last MTM in Myanmar … I hit the ground running, and have been running ever since. Brother Val Yoder, Matthew Musser and myself made a quick trip to Kathmandu, Nepal departing just a few days after I returned from Myanmar. We were scouting out the land, as it were, in the posibilites of Matthew & Heidi Musser possibly serving there in future mission work. We had one flight delayed 10 hours and on our trip back we had our flight totally canceled and when we finally did arrived back in Chiang Mai, it was the best part of a day later than we planned. Then on top of that I experienced major food poisoning and I was very sick. Furthermore, both Val & I missed our first day of teaching here at IGo. This is not a good way to start the last term here at IGo … one day on-behind and sick. But God, in His faithfulness, gave me a good nights sleep (the whole night before we were traveling) and I woke up the next morning feeling fine. Blessed Be God !!! And both Val and I took two classes each the first day we were in the class room to catch up.  And I have been trying to catch up ever since. So please accept my apology that there was no update sooner.

I was teaching the book of I Corinthians here at IGo. We had a great term with great students. Once again here we are at the very end of the IGo semester and only now I am giving you a picture of all of our second semester students … I really am on-behind. If I get any further on behind, I may begin to think I am first ……


From left to right, Front Row: Aganetha & Lanus Dueck (JeKeera & Josiah) – MB, Matthew & Heidi Musser (Noah & Eleanor) – PA, Lisa & Darren Strubhar (John & Christie) – VA Second Row: Heidi Gingerich – IL, Evvone Shantz – ON, Ruth Kuepfer – VA, LouAnn Martin – PA, Marsha Metzler – PA, Tanisha Stutzman – PA, Andra Martin – PA, Serena Bacher – SC, Vera Champ – PA Third Row: Rachel Schrock – TN, Teresa Miller – CO, Ada Stoltzfus – PA, Carolyn Roth – ON, Frieda Kuepfer – KS, Joyce Shoemaker – ON, Deanne Weaver – PA, Megan Ulrich – IL, Krista Yoder – PA, Beth Atkinson – PA, Allisa Schrock – MD Back Row: Joshua Rieff – PA, Asher Witmer – CA, Ryan Miller – OH, Justin Zimmerman – IN, Nevin Mast – OH, Evan Jackson – SC, Jesse Weiler – PA, Matthew Troyer – PA, Patrick Miller – OH, Dylan Hochstedler – IN, Leon Brubaker – ON.

Five of the above students were second year students and after the first term of this semester they entered into a three month internship of service in differnt locations in Thailand, Vietnam & the Thai-Burmese border. Thus they were not part of the sixth term teaching here at IGo.

And now the sixth term here at IGo is already history. Later this week all these students will be going out on 10 day ministry trips. Some of them will be traveling as far as Turkey. Others will be going to India as well as other places.

MTM To Hyderabad India

Six of these students will be joining MTM for a leadership conference in Hyderabad, India. The dates are November 23 to December 3. We will be partnering with Sam & Becca Gunti and Good Life Ministries. The students will be very involved in teaching English at the GLM Youth Center as well as various children’s ministries.  Also joing us will be Rosa King & Vera Champ who will be teaching a young ladies class at the conference. Brother Val Yoder and myself will be teaching the pastors and church leaders. This conference will also be special that my dear wife Naomi is going with us. Please do pray for all of us as we minister in India. Thank you.

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