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MTM to the Islamic Republic of Pakistan

“Go ye therefore and teach all nations” is a command that MTM is working at fulfilling through their “Leadership Training Conferences.”  I had the privilege of being with Brother Raymond Burkholder in Lahore, Pakistan from September 17-26.  It was so rewarding for me to see these church leaders encouraged.  Many of them came from a distance and sat in very warm; cramped conditions to hear the Word of God.  It was a joy to see their faces light up, and at times burst out with applause as principles of God’s Word came alive to them.  We also visited some of their villages in the evening where we again shared God’s message. After each service there were many that came forward and wanted to be prayed for and to shake the hand of an American pastor.  Many wanted their pictures taken with us; but all wanted to be encouraged in the Lord!

Wednesday night we had a service with a Catholic group. Brother Raymond shared about the Triune God and there were a number of responses, for which we praised God.  On Thursday afternoon when I was done sharing I was soaking wet with sweat, then I was told by our host Pastor that I would be preaching in a village later that evening.  We arrived at the village and the people were extra warm; and very receptive and open to the gospel.  I could tell that God’s Word was connecting with the people.  After the service a shy 19 year old Muslim girl made her way up front and wanted prayer.  Brother Raymond asked her some questions through the interpreter, and when it was all over she had asked Jesus into her heart.  God gave us that experience to show us that He was indeed making a difference in these services.

We made friends with many Christian families as we stopped at their homes to pray for them.  On Friday night we visited a Muslim family that fed us a wonderful dinner of rice, mutton, and chicken.  We visited, shared our personal testimonies and had prayer for them before we left.

Sharing the Gospel in these settings has made the cultural challenges and late nights very worthwhile. These Pakistan Christians will always have a special place in my heart.  Praise be to God that I could have a small part in helping MTM fulfill the Great Commission by helping to teach and equip native pastors to be more effective in leading their own people to Christ.  May God be praised!

Marvin Troyer

63645 Hidden Ridge Ct

Goshen, IN 46528

Editor’s Note; It was a great joy to share together in the work of the Lord with brother Marvin in Pakistan. His teaching on the book of James greatly impacted the Pakastani church leaders. May the Lord richly bless you brother for your great sacrifice and labor of love for these dear people. Also a special thank you to Marvins wife Margaret for her willingness to support Marvin while we traveled to Pakistan. Margaret stayed back in Thailand with my wife Naomi while Marv & I traveled to Pakistan. 

There were many who counseled us not to go due to the terrorists & political situation between America and this country. We did go by faith trusting our God who commanded us to go into all the world and make disciples as well as preach the gospel to all creatures … and lo I will be with you always. AND HE WAS WITH US !!! There was never a time that we were fearful or doubtful. The hospitality of the Pakistani people is some of the most hospital I have ever experienced…Christian or Muslim. The gospel opportunity in this country is absolutley staggering. 170 million people with less than 2% of the population being Christian. Jesus taught that His people are to be as wise as a serpent and as harmless as a dove … and with this Wisdom of God, the Gospel can be openly preached … even on the streets. 

At our leadership conferences we impacted 280-300 church leaders. Their hungar for the Word of God was very invigorating and refreshing indeed. Most all of the evening services, at different locations, (see the picture captions by clicking the link below) there were souls getting saved. As near as we can tell there were more than 30 souls all totaled that came to Jesus Christ. Blessed be God !!! Truly God was with us !!! Thank you for your prayers and please do pray for the Christians of Pakistan.

Our MTM Leadership Team

L-R, Pastor Stephen King (Pakistan Coordinator), Marvin Troyer & Raymond Burkholder

One of the 3 different leadership conference groups we ministered to. The completion certificates were very precious to each attendee.


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