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RKB Family Yearly Time In America

It is very hard to believe that six weeks can fly so fast. Nevertheless our time in America was just great. One very special highlight was simply spending time with our family. We spend three days with Duane & Leann and their family in Batesburg, South Carolina. We went blueberry picking and picked twenty pounds in about one and a half hours time. The blueberry bushes were just busting with blueberries.

L-R,  Adison, Nicholas & Keishon and all the blueberries

We also spend a day at the Columbia, SC, Riverfront Zoo. This is Lexie (Duane & Leann’s)  our latest and only granddaughter.

We also spend time with Mike & Laura and their family as well as Krista, Lorida & Jana.

Mike & Laura’s son Raygan soaking up Grandpa Burkholder at a Central PA Cabin (thanks to Jake & Evie King)

Grandma Burkholder watching Kyran & Raygan (Mike & Laura’s sons) preparing those tomatoes for canning. Missing from the picture is Judson.

We also had the privilege of doing some traveling (just shy of 6000 miles) while doing IGo-MTM Public Relations work. We conducted 15 different MTM PR services in 7 different states along with many preaching opportunities. We certainly are humbled at the great interest and support that Gods people are showing in IGo-MTM. A very special thank you to all who pray and financially support IGo-MTM.

The Burkholder family also is very grateful for all those who blessed us in many personal ways. There is no way that I could begin to mention all the blessings that came our way. Nevertheless we are deeply indebted to all of you who so abundantly have blessed us. Freely we have received and freely we will give to the needs of others.  

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