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Through The Eyes of Jesus

The morning air hung thick and heavy over the village of Bardaghat (Nepal) as the orange sun rose slowly in the eastern sky. Roosters crowed and dogs barked proclaiming praise to their creator. A beggar, in crab like fashion, crawled toward the bus stop hoping to secure his daily needs. Busses and trucks belched smoke and blew their horns announcing their arrival in the village to do business. Men women and children, many of them ran hurriedly to catch a bus or rickshaw taxi while others walked or rode their bicycles. Vendors and shop keepers open their doors and windows inviting you to enter for business. The day appeared to be a normal day, the people, the smells, the heat but this was no ordinary day.

A MTM bible conference was about to begin today at Bardaghat. The attendees from distant villages and far away places were walking, bussing or driving their motor cycles to come and hear the Word of God. Pastors, teachers, youth leaders, church leaders with Bible and a notebook found their place inside the conference hall and sat on the floor and anxiously waited. They never had this kind of opportunity before. Most all of them were unlearned and ignorant of Bible teaching. All of them are needy and void of earthly riches but sincerely hungry for the Word of God. What did Jesus see?

As the Saints prayed the conference began. The conference teachers filled with the Holy Spirit rose to the challenge and taught and preached the good news of hope in Jesus Christ. Messages were preached on the heart of God, purity, the value of a soul, the need to go beyond your borders for the cause of the gospel, to reach the lost through the power of the gospel of Jesus Christ. What did Jesus see?

Hearts were open and moved through the preaching and teaching and commitments to give all to Jesus were made. Young and old alike were asking for more Bible teaching. “When will you come to my remote village and my people for we also need teaching such as this. With earnest faces and pleading expressions and eyes filled with tears they would tell us, I am the only Christian in my family and I am rejected. They do not like me and they will not eat with me. I am the only one in my whole village that loves Jesus. They also tell us that just over that distant mountain there are many villages of people who have never heard the name of Jesus just one time. Please come back again so we can go to those mountain villages and preach the gospel to them? What would Jesus see?

They would take us by the hand and lead us to the sick. Please pray for healing for the sick among us. Many sick and hurting would gather and make a large circle. In the Name of Jesus Christ we prayed as we lifted our hands over them, sometimes we laid our hands upon them. We prayed for spiritual and physical healing and that Gods perfect will would be accomplished. Most of all we prayed for the salvation of their souls, that the chains of darkness would be broken by the power of Jesus Christ. We also prayed that the love of Jesus would shine in their hearts and they would be a witness for Jesus Christ in their homes and to their own unreached people.

Still today Jesus is looking over His creation the same as He looked over Jerusalem. The heart of God has not changed. His love for the lost has not changed. Heaven still rejoices when one sinner repents and comes to Jesus. The value of one soul is still more than the whole world. Jesus is still looking at our talents, our time, our gospel opportunities, our finances, our churches … WHAT DOES JESUS SEE ?

Editors Note; The above article was written by brother Nevin Good from Fortuna MO (USA). He served as a guest teacher with MTM at the recent Bardaghat Nepal conference. A very special thank you to brother Nevin for being available to be used mightily of the Lord. This MTM conference was a partnership with IGo-Ransom Ministries as well as IGo Student Ministry Trips. Heidi Gingerich & Rosa King taught a young ladies class representing Ransom Ministries. The IGo students were doing daily children’s ministry and also ministered at the conference in song.  

Full MTM Ministry Team; L-R, Back Row – Raymond Burkholder, Asher Witmer, Nevin Good, Evan Jackson, Jesse Weiler, Lavon Slabaugh, Matt Chupp. Front Row – Jana Burkholder, Megan Ulrich, Krista Yoder, Heidi Gingerich, Marcy Boone & Rosa King

Bardaghat Nepal Full Conference Group


The Burkholder family will be stateside July 5th to August 16th for our yearly Thai visa renewal. We will also be doing some PR work for IGo-MTM in this time. Check the RKB family schedule to see if their will be a presentaion in your area. We would loove to meet you there.

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