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Teaching at IGo Bible Institute

Presently we are in the first semester, second term, here at the IGo Bible Institude in Chiang Mai, Thailand. I am teaching the book of beginings (Genesis) this term. We have a most wonderful group of students with open hearts desiring to go deeper with the Lord. We have just completed the first week of this three week term. It truly has been a great week in the classroom here at IGo.

L to R: Leon Brubaker, Lanus & Aganetha Dueck, Matthew Chupp, Megan Ulrich, Justin Zimmerman, Krista Yoder, Evan Jackson, Teresa Miller, Jesse Weiler, Deanne Weaver, Duane Fisher, Kamran Ishaq (due to visa issues returned to Pakistan), Asher Witmer, Darren & Lisa Strubhar

Shortly after this term is completed, the students are off on ministry trips and MTM is off for a Bible conference in eastern Nepal. The MTM ministry team to Nepal will include 6 IGo students, Lavon Slabaugh (IGo dean of men) as well as Rosa King & Hedi Gingerich representing IGo Ransom ministries. Nevin Good (from MO, USA) will be serving with me as the guest MTM teacher. My daughter Jana will also be going with me on this ministry trip. The MTM ministry trip will be June 22-July 1. Thank you for your faithful prayers.   

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