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Who Is Jesus

The video below was given to me while I was in Egypt. It is the personal testimony of a converted Muslim of the middle east. It is one of the most complete testimonies of who Jesus really is that I have ever heard or seen. The attributes of Jesus that he gives in this video are the ones that brought this man to Jesus Christ. I know that it is a bit long but I encourage you to watch it to the end …and be blessed.

MTM Update

MTM was scheduled to conduct a leadership conference in Jammu & Kashmir state of India January 3-7 of this year. Unfortunately this conference had to be cancelled. India has a law that says tourists can only re-enter the country after 60 days have expired. Well it had only been about 30 days since I left India. So I applied for a special re-entry permit while I was in Bankok, Thailand. Last year I was granted the re-entry permit with no problems. But this year it was different. I was denied. All the persons involved with this conferece thought it best to reschedule the conference for a later date. Presently we are working at rescheduling this conference for the month of May. Thank you for your faithful prayer and financial support in behalf of MTM.

Next MTM Leadership Conference

The next scheduled MTM conference is February 7-11, 2011 which will also take us to India. This is a second year conference for MTM with approx 50 church leaders. This conference will take place in the darkest state of all of India. Your faithful prayer support wil be greatly appreciated. Thank you.  

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