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MTM to Chinthaluru, INDIA

The above video was done by Global Disciples (not MTM) and beautifully portrays the great gospel needs of India. A special thank you to Global Disciples.

Native Coordinator Testimony;  We had a wonderful time with MTM during Nov 24 –Dec 1, which I should say it was all done beyond our imagination. I know it for sure it is God who has brought this team of 5 people to our part of India . It was set in a way that every guest speaker has uniquely touched many individuals through their words and deeds. my words cannot express the things what had happened here fully.

We had Bible conference for Pastors and church leaders for 3 days. amazingly 200+ delegates participated. Raymond’s teaching from book of Acts has given delegates a challenge. I personally experienced God’s power in him. Raymond is a good motivator and I should say he is a great inspiration to modern missions. I praise God for his life and commitment. Description of Differences between Jerusalem church and Antioch church is really a eye opener to many delegates. One of our delegate testified that he wants to go to north India as cross cultural missionary. I personally decided to raise as many leaders I can and send them to tribal villages and some parts of north India. We had very keen listening from all the delegates.

David Yoder’s message has opened many eyes. some of our delegates have told me that they started looking things with the lense of love and they have been seeing good relations being grown in their family and churches. What a wonderful thing to know?.love is the center for our ministry. In a love angle everything being seen gracefully.lot of times we are so busy and forget that we should love our congregation .new decisions were taken by delegates.

Ricky has pictured book of Philemon in a unique way. I had many calls from pastors asking me that full notes. Life of Onesimus has really strengthened many and to move with more passion for the perishing souls. Amazing thing is that Ricky’s life is a real blessing to us. Ricky’s commitment to stand even in the midst of his dear brother’s death and to finish work in India is living message to lot of our Pastors as they are going through lot of misery and opposition. it is a real challenge to pastors in India as we go through lot of challenges in ministry. his personal life was a model to us. many pastors have called me said that they were strengthened by his life performance.

We had also women conference for 3 days as Pastors conference being held in other venue. We had 50 selected women from local churches. Rosa and Heidi were real blessing to them. godly virtues were taught to them. I know most of them have become responsible wives and mothers. I know that women have key role to play in family and church. Some women have taken decisions to cover their heads. Our children and youth really blessed by this wonder ful team.

We had revival meeting s with our church. Every message has touched people there were many new commitments taken. some have decided to reach their neighbors for Christ. We had a one of our young women’s father got saved as a result of Raymond’s message and prayer .her name is Ruth joyce(this name was given to her in remembrance of Lee and Joyce because this young girl was saved and baptized as a result of their ministry here).pray for her father. recently we had a prayer meeting at their house and her father gave me word that he will be continue to coming to church .as a result few were healed even. Amazing thing is that 10 people took baptism as our team was eye witnessing. it was big celebration for us. apart from this we had many tribal church visits and a new church was dedicated.

It was one week but left some years of memories. I thank my god who called me and being faith ful to my family and ministry .yes… He is faithful .yes…He kept his word.

Keep us in your Prayers,
Pastor.Ch.Abraham Samuel,
Amazing Grace Association
South India

Editors Note; Pastor Abraham is a our native coordinator who invited MTM to come and conduct the Bible conference. Thank you Ps Abraham for a wonderful job well done. Blessed be God!

MTM Teacher Testimony;  My trip to India with MTM can best be summarized as a life changing experience. With the obvious gratefulness for our coming illustrated by beautiful garlands of flowers and royal hospitality, we were soon immersed in a beautiful culture of bright colors and hungry hearts. Eager faces, fervant worship, Spirit led preaching, lifted hands and hearts, and tears of commitment, characterized our fellowship with brothers and sisters who under great poverty demonstrate the power of the gospel in feeding the hungry, caring for the orphan and praying for the sick. It was a tremendous blessing to be part of the MTM team and to experience many answers to prayer as we were channels of God’s love and grace to these dear people. To God be the Glory!     Dave Yoder (Pastor at Central Mennonite Church, Dover DE)

More MTM Teacher Testimonies;  What a rich experience… to be able to travel to India and speak Truth to women in a culture where women are often looked down on and misused. A common theme that ran through the conference is that as women made in the image of God and redeemed by Christ Jesus, we have worth and value and God has a role for us to play in our families, churches, and communities. There were approximately 50 women of all ages from surrounding village churches at this women’s conference. Their eager smiling faces looking up at us as we taught and the friendship they extended to us was a real encouragement. It was also a blessing to hear some of the testimonies of the women who attended… women who were encouraged and made new commitments to follow God and be faithful in doing what He is?asking of them. We also witnessed the baptism of a few of these sisters a few days after the conference. We thank God for our sisters in India.   Rosa King and Heidi Gingerich  (IGo Ransom Ministries, Chiang Mai Thailand) 

The Dear Church Leaders Who Attended The Chinthaluru MTM Conference


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