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The folks at Global Disciples (Lancaster, PA) have done a terrific job of portraying the vision of Mobilizing native Christians to win their own unreached to Jesus Christ in this very special video. THIS VIDEO BEAUTUFULLY PORTRAYS THE HEARTBEAT OF MTM.


The year of 2010 was a monumental year for MTM. A total of 9 different Bible conferences were conducted in 5 different countries. It is very humbling to realize that the countries where MTM is conducting conferences is right in the heart of where the unreached of the world are geographically located. India has more people unreached with the gospel than any other nation in the world …. and MTM conducted 4 different conferences in India alone in this past year.

Your prayer and financial help is making it possible to fulfill one of the great gospel opportunities of our day….discipleship and Bible training as a means to equip native Christians to reach out and win their own unreached for Jesus Christ. More times then not it is our lives that speak more then our teachings. Native Christians will tell us that they have seen the principles that we live in the Bible….but they never knew anyone obeys them. I am convinced that God has open a door for us as conservative Anabaptist people to witness forth a faith and practice that out of love for Jesus makes practicfal applications to the Bible. It is Gods heart that this witness for Christ would reach unto the utter most of the world. This really is what MTM is all about….and a very special thank you to all who make this possible.

Looking Ahead Into 2011

The MTM schedule for 2011 is already all packed out. We have a total of 9 different Bible conferences scheduled for the year. These conferences are scheduled in India, Nepal, Bhutan, Pakistan, & Myanmar. Unfortunately MTM is unable to accommodate all the invitations that come our way. The year is scheduled full and there are 12 invitations we are unable to accommodate. The invitations just keep coming out of Africa, Pakistan, the Philippines, Lao, Indonesia and many out of India. Please do pray for us as we seek the Lord in regards to which invitations we are to accept.

Thank You For Your Continued Support of MTM

MTM is a faith-based ministry. MTM’s ability to disciple and spiritually equip native Christians to win their own unreached people to Jesus Christ is largely contingent upon your contributions to this ministry. All of your faithful contributions will be used to facilitate a training school of native students in equipping them to take the gospel to where it has not yet been preached.

Thank you so much for your prayer and financial support. By Gods faithful grace, MTM will teach faithful men who shall be able to teach others also ….so the gospel will be preached where it has not yet been preached. Contributions of any amount can be sent to:

PO Box 116
Ephrata, PA 17522 USA

Please be sure to earmark your contribution for MTM. A tax deductible receipt is avalible upon request. Thank you in advance for your prayer and financial contribution.

For Christ & The Nations,
Raymond Burkholder
IGo-MTM Director

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