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So Little … But So Much !!!

August 22-29 Steve Robinson & I (Raymond Burkholder) experienced the great privilege of teaching a MTM leadership conference in Yangon, Myanmar. This was now the third conference that MTM has conducted in this country in the past two years. This has resulted in beautiful relationships and friendships. We certainly count this a very special privilege and blessing. Our max attendance was 125 church leaders from most every state in Myanmar. Some of them had traveled several days to attend the conference. As I hear their stories of sacrifice and ministry, I am so challenged. They have so little but they do so much for Jesus Christ ….while many of us have so much and we do so little for Jesus Christ. To whom much is given, much is required. May the Lord help us all be faithful?

Some of them do not even have complete Bibles in their native language. They may only have a few passages of scripture or maybe a few pages. But still they travel to remote villages and regions to preach the gospel the way they have heard it or in the limited Bible knowledge they may have. How challenging is that to us who have many Bibles and have known the scriptures from little on up? 



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