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Are You Really Christians From America ???

This was the question that came to the heart of our native coordinator as our IGo-MTM team came walking through the door at the Kathmandu International airport in Nepal. He told me later that he never seen American Christians with the sisters wearing the headship veiling and being attired with modest dresses. He also teaches the headship veiling in his church for worship and prayer. He is under great criticism from other church leaders in Nepal. Likewise American pastors and teachers discourage him as well. He said when we walked through those doors at the airport his heart thrilled as he seen our lives with a faith and practice that obeys the scripture. Another clear finger print of God upon MTM connecting us as conservative Anabaptist people with those in Asia who are seeking to obey the scriptures. God is clearly pressing upon our hearts that our godly witness for Jesus Christ greatly multiplies when we take our wives as well as IGo students along for these MTM conferences.

This MTM conferences was just that way. It was a three way partnership with IGo-MTM, IGo Ransom Ministries as well as the IGo Bible Institute students on their ministry trip. The MTM teaching team was Levi Brubaker, Marvin Kauffman (IGo board member) and Raymond Burkholder. Levi also had his wife Emma with him and I also had my wife Naomi with me. Brother Marvin brought his daughter Marilyn along as well while his wife and son stayed in Thailand. Rosa King (Ransom ministries) & Vera Champ (IGo student) served as teachers for Ransom ministries. They taught a young ladies class on godly femininity. The effectiveness of this class was truly touching. There is a great need for women to understand their great worth in Jesus Christ in the midst of a culture that tends to looks down on women. Then there were also six IGo students who served at the MTM conference in testimonies as well as singing. Other times they were serving in orphanage ministry as well as other various aspects of ministry.

L-R Back Row, Naomi & Raymond, Emma & Levi, Annette Beiler, Vera Champ, Marilyn Kauffman (Marvins daughter), Kelly Rohrbach, Rosa King & Jewel Stoner. Front Row Kneeling, Marvin Kauffman, Michael Ropp & Delmar Penner.

All The Conference Delegates And The Full IGo Ministry Team

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