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Go Ye Into All The World …..

My flight from America back to Chiang Mai, Thailand was uneventful. It sure was great to be reunited with my dear wife and family. A special thank you to all who were praying for me. My time here at home in Chiang Mai was very short. I returned Wednesday evening and by Friday afternoon, yes…of the same week, we were headed to the Chiang Mai airport once again. This time my dear wife as well as Lorida and Jana were also going along to Jakarta, Indonesia. We all were invited wedding guests to Mike Stoltzfus and Yuliana (Lia) special wedding day. Lia is Indonesian. Michael David Stoltzfus originally comes from Morgantown, PA. I felt very privileged to have part in the wedding ceremony by bringing the wedding message. We stayed an extra day in Jakarta just for some special family time. This sure was great just to be together as a family.

Now we are all together back in Chiang Mai once again …. but not for long. I will soon be heading out once again. This Saturday (May 15th) I depart for a MTM Bible conference in Dahading Nepal. Brother Rick Rhodes (IGo Staff) will be traveling with me and serving as a MTM Bible teacher. Also part of the MTM ministry team is brother  Darren Sommers and Pastor Harold Carpenter. Harold is from Sturgis MI and will also be serving as a MTM teacher. Please do pray for us as we go. Our students will be native church leaders and missionaries. Our native coordinator is projectiong approx 100 students. This conference theme is on Servant Leadership and was requested by the native coordinator. Thank you to all who faithfully pray and support this ministry.

Mike & Yuliana (Lia) Stoltzfus

More Wedding Pictures

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