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The Blessings Of The Unexpected

Lee & Joyce Mummau, as well as myself, departed on a MTM trip January 31 for Visakhapatnam India. Plans were for a three day church leadership teaching conference where Lee & myself would be teaching. Lee & Joyce would then return back to Chiang Mai while I go on to conduct three days of revival meetings.  Well, to our surprise, the laws of India had changed and I was not allowed into the country. The reason being that it had not been 60 days since I last departed India. After a few words with Lee and Joyce we parted ways. Lee and Joyce went on to conduct the three day conference and after waiting about 12 hours I was promptly sent back to Chaing Mai Thailand. This unexpected turn of events was orchestrated by God and resulted in being a great blessing for Lee & Joyce as well as all the delegates at the conference.

Following is brother Lee Mummau’s Report

Joyce and I just returned from an MTM conference.  It was held toward the east coast of India, due east of Hyderabad. It was just a bit east of Tuni, if you can find that on the map. After a royal welcome from the India Coordinator and those with him, we traveled three hours to the place we would spend the next three days. We arrived after dark and were welcomed by the children with flowers and garlands. Then we had a welcome meal and it was good!

It was decided, due to Raymond’s absence, that we would have 2 days of conference instead of 3. Then we would have one day of revival meetings. 125 church leaders registered for the conference with the farthest one coming 150 Kilometers. (93.2 miles)

I had 2 hours instruction in the morning and 2 hours in the afternoon for two days. The main point was that Christ was the only one that could be our saviour. The bulk of the teaching came from Hebrews. We were all spiritually well filled. The delegates expressed appreciation for the teaching and were very alert and receptive.

It was expressed that many foreign missionaries give information that they already know. It was evident that these Christians know the Bible. The information we shared was what is usually given at the Bible schools and not at a minister’s conference. For this the delegates were very appreciative.

One day was taken for revival in the church. There were souls that accepted Christ for the first time and there were those that committed themselves to sharing the gospel. It moved my heart when I could see what a commitment really meant to them in terms of “cost”. The cry of the hearts of those going through hard times brought tears to my eyes. I estimate 200 people to be at the evening service.

Joyce shared her journey of losing her first husband and then our daughter losing her husband 20 years later. This touched the hearts of those going through similar situations and hope could be given.

I participated at the dedication of a small church in a tribal village. It was well attended. While the main religion in India is Hindu, it would be Animism in the tribal villages.

MTM is a wonderful opportunity to take “in depth” teaching to a growing church. I see MTM as a wonderful opportunity to influence the churches in Southeastern Asia, teaching a salvation through Jesus Christ that produce lives having real substance for living and not a watered down Gospel.

Pray for Pastor Abraham, our native coordinator, and the many pastors like him with this kind of training and encouragement. This is a great opportunity.

And for a personal note, Joyce and I have been really blessed! We have family in India.

Leadership Conference Group Picture. Lee & Joyce Mummau are seated and Pastor Abraham is seated next to brother Lee.

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