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Himalayan Leadership Training Conference

The new year began with a MTM Bible conference in the town of Siliguri in the country of India. This region is at the foothills of the Himalayan mountain regions. Siliguri’s geographical location is in north India between the countries of Bhutan & Nepal. There were 235 church leaders present from all three countries (India, Nepal & Bhutan). There would have been many more but because of political uprisings in the region many were unable to attend. But we praise God for the many leaders who did come…..some of them had to hike for more then three hours from the rugged mountains of Nepal and then drive 3-4 hours in a public bus to come for the conference. Other church leaders came from distant regions of India. Our hearts simply thrilled at the eagerness of these students to study the word of God. Most of them told us that this was the first time they had the privilege to do an extended time of studying the word of God. Many of them were young emerging leaders. It is in these remote Himalayan regions that a majority of the unreached people groups of the world live. It is our prayer that these faithful church leaders would teach others also ……and multitudes would be mobilized to take the gospel to the unreached of the Himalayan regions. Blessed be the Name of the Lord.

Another aspect that made this MTM conference very special, is the fact that I was able to take my dear wife Naomi with me. I bless the Lord for her faithful support of this ministry. We also took our daughter Lorida with us. Numerous church leaders expressed great appreciation, not only for the teaching, but also for our Godly lives that live what we teach. This aspect of discipleship ministry is huge !!!

Lamar Stoltzfus also came from Lititz, Pennsylvania USA to serve as a MTM teacher. This is now the second time that Lamar has served with MTM in SE Asia. Thank you brother Lamar.

Thank you again to all who support this ministry. Through your faithful prayers and financial support this great discipleship ministry continues to go and teach all nations. Please continue to pray for MTM. The interest is overwhelming. The requests are simply abounding. The year of 2010 is already filled and we are scheduling conferences into 2011. May the Lord reward you openly for your support. Thank you again.

Himalayan Leadership Conference Group

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