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MTM / IGo Students Ministry Trip

The sixth term of IGo Bible Institute is complete as of Friday November 20th. Once again it is ministry trip time here at IGo. Each term is completed with an opportunity for the students to put into practice what they learned as well as experince missions first hand. MTM is partnering with a student ministry team to minister in Aizawl, India from November 25 to December 5th. We tried this last year after sixth term, but due to protesters taking over the Bangkok airport, our students were not able to join MTM in India. So we are looking forward to this kind of partnership between MTM and the IGo students. The IGo students will be ministering in a remote village near Aizawl in the state of Mizoram, India. Val Yoder and Raymond Burkholder will be teaching a MTM Bible conference to 22 pre-missions students. Val & Raymond are also taking their daughters along as part of the ministry team. Shanna Yoder (15) & Jana Burkholder (19). Here at IGo we get them started in missions young. They will also be teaching two classes of English each day. Please do pray for this ministry team. Thank you.

The Aizawl, India Ministry Team

L-R; Nathan King, Twila King, Shanna Yoder, Jeremy Martin, Jana Burkholder, Raymond Burkholder, Deanne Weaver, Val Yoder & Kimberly Eshleman.

Pictures Of Ministry Trip

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