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IGo Bible Institute

Institute for Global Opportunities (IGo) is made up of numerous different ministries in SE Asia. One of those ministries is the Macedonian Teaching Ministry (MTM). But the heart of IGo is the Bible Institute. The vision of the IGo Bible Institute is to train, equip and prepare servants of Jesus Christ for a life time of service in building His kingdom world over. The Bible Institute is in its second semester for this year. We presently have the highest student enrollment since IGo began. We have a total of 31 eager, energetic students. Monday (Nov 2) begins the third and last term for this semester. Each term is three weeks in duration. After each term our students travel to different parts of SE Asia in hands on ministry experiences.

My (Raymond) primary role is to give leadership to the MTM ministry of IGo. But I also teach one term each semester at the Bible Institute. I will be teaching a course on I Corinthians this term. Please pray for me as I teach this class. In all reality the book of I Corinthians is a concise list of cultural conflicts that every missionary or church planter will face as they bring the gospel to an unreached people. My heart would be, in teaching this book, that it would not just be a book of corrections, but rather a class of raising up and preparing spiritual missionaries that will always be abounding in the work of the Lord.           

IGo Bible Institute Students

 Front Row: Eric Berkshire, Nathan King, Bronson Yoder, Anthony Sensenig

Second Row: Wendy Yoder, Melanie Beachy, Deanne Weaver, Nueng Kluksanasakulchai, Kelly Shenk, Anita King, Tiffany Wright, Karen Yoder, Karla Hershberger, Naomi Swarey

Third Row: Arlin & Kayla Beachy, Joyce Shoemaker, Andrea Pence, Kimberly Pollard, Rosa King, Twila King. Jeannie Graber, Kimberly Eshleman, Katie Shetler, Coleen Barnhart, Craig & Rachel Miller

Back Row: LaRonda Schrock, Leanna Wagler, Jeremy Martin, Lavon Slabaugh, Brian Shenk, Daryn Weaver, Jordan Flory, Ben Pifer, Victor Helmuth


Ps: Rosa King, Naomi Swarey, Kelly Shenk & Criag & Rachel Miller are all second year students. Rosa King & Naomi Swarey are now part of IGo  Ransom Ministries. Kelly Shenk is part of the IGo English center. Criag & Rachel Miller are serving in a village in northern Thailand under the IGo Church planting ministry.  


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