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MTM Thimphu, Bhutan

It is now 13 month since IGo-MTM commenced here in SE Asia. The first door of opportunity for a Bible conference was last year August in Thimphu, Bhutan. Since that time MTM has conducted 7 Bible conferences in 5 different countries. It was with great anticipation that MTM returned again to Thimphu for another Bible conference. The dates for the conference were September 21-25, 2009. This is the heart of MTM, to year after year, disciple the church leaders in the all things of Jesus Christ. What a great privilege was ours to renew acquaintances with the church leaders as well as develop new relationships.

 MTM Ministry Team
L-R, Collier Berkshire (IGo staff), Merle Burkholder (IGo board chairman) & Raymond Burkholder

All the believers there in Bhutan are first generation Christians. Most all of them, including the church leaders, have not had the opportunity for discipleship and training. There is a sincere desire for the teaching and expounding of the Word of God. The believers there have a sincere desire to see their own people come to Jesus Christ. People are coming to Christ and the churches are growing. The believers are requesting that we pray for unity among the believers and that the government would take a favorable position and lessen the restrictions on the churches. Please do pray for the Bhutanese Christians. Thank you.

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