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MTM Needs

The vision of IGo-MTM is no longer a vision but is now a reality. The fingerprints of God are clearly upon IGO-MTM. Recently as I sat and listen to Brother Zela from Aizawl, India open his heart, here is what he said; he knows there is a deeper experiential Christianity that his people know nothing about. He went on to say that he has been searching and has become aware of a certain Anabaptist people who have reality behind their Christianity. Then he looks us right in the eyes and asks us if we would happen to be Anabaptist. Now how do you explain a divine appointment such as that……non other then the fingerprint of God !!! Blessed be God !!! 
This is just one example of a testimony that repeats itself over and over again in SE Asia. It is here where 97% of the unreached people groups are located. God is raising up a native people for Himself in Christ Jesus to take the gospel to the yet unreached people of this world. A people who are not foreigners and strangers who come with a foreign gospel, but rather a people who are their own people who speak their own language bringing the gospel to them for the first time. God has called and open up a way for IGo Macedonian Teaching Ministry to get along side of those Christians and help them through teaching and equipping them with the all things of Jesus Christ, to empower them to go.  What a blessed open door and privilege is ours, but we need your help.
Presently MTM has training schools already scheduled in Myanmar, Indonesia, Nepal and Bhutan for 2009. The open door of opportunity that God has set before MTM is staggering. The cost for a week of training such as this is anywhere from $2000 to $4000 USD. All of your faithful contributions will be used to facilitate a training school of native students in equipping them to take the gospel to where it has not yet been preached. Thank you so much for your prayer and financial support…..freely MTM has received and freely it will give… the gospel will be preached where it has not yet been preached.
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